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very belated generation kill post

since i’m a terrible blogger/person, i don’t find it important at all to write these posts in a timely manner, which is why you’re getting my thoughts on david simon’s new project, generation kill, almost a week late. oh well.

the most important thing you need to know is that i met david simon at tuesday’s screening. imagine some celebrity you’d be really excited to meet such as tina fey, matt damon, or paris hilton. david simon almost rises to that level for me (he created the wire, for godsakes). needless to say i was geeky and excited and quickly well-greased with wine. we talked about stupid stuff, and i didn’t ask for his autograph. i call the night a success.

btw, the miniseries screening was good, too. notable actors in it include bart bass from gossip girl, one of the brothers from the black donnellys, a guy who looks totally like adam from heroes (but isn’t), and many, many people who have guest starred on law & order at some point in their career (who hasn’t).

and should you watch the 7-part miniseries? if you like movies/books about combat, then of course. it’s one of the best of its ilk. if you’re more of a sex & the city kind of person, this is not groundbreaking enough to transcend the genre.

and a total shout out to miss nikki for hooking me up with this screening. look at her working her journalism thing w/ the book’s author. you take it to the house, girrrl.