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amy poehler was aight, too

tina fey was perfect, but so was poehler. i just wanted to be on the record saying that she got every bit of pro-clinton frustration right. without poehler and the underappreciated writing, i’d posit that fey’s palin wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.

and if it’s possible you haven’t seen the video yet:

i’m still searching for video of the “cathy” segment in the middle of the weekend update. maybe even funnier than the palin/clinton opener. random and family guy-esque.

P.S. michael phelps sucked. besides all your fancy gold medals, you are a disgrace to the university of michigan. only slightly better than our special teams units.

what is wrong w/ the world?

everything that went went wrong this week:

my flag football team was destroyed
michigan was destroyed
russian plane crash
india bombed from the inside out
trains colliding
perhaps the largest govt takeover of a financial organization was initiated
another bank is about to go down

call me a crazy liberal, but i think this is all sarah palin’s fault. the timing is right.

michigan vs notre dame

this pretty much sums it up:

i’m not trying to be melodramatic here, but this could be the worst michigan/ND game in history. i’m not sure if the two teams individually have ever been this bad at the same time.

here’s hoping michigan is the least worst team. hurruh!

kevin grady is an idiot

michigan’s “star” running back was caught DWI in grand rapids. he blew a .281, was passed out with the car in drive when the cops approached, and was about 9 miles wrong when explaining where he was. a map, courtesy of mr. dailey:

sean doesn’t think the map quite represents HOW WRONG grady was when trying to describe where he was, so i offer you this graphic:

other details from the police report:

• Grady was off-balance and unable to recite the alphabet, with officer Thompson quoting Grady as saying “O, R, S, J, L, P.”

• The officer said he asked for a number between 12 and 14, and Grady answered “15.”

• When asked whether Mickey Mouse is a dog or a cat, Grady answered “dog.”

chicago: we don’t need no bars

there are two reasons to venture to the midwest. 1) to attend a conference for minority journalists and 2) to see boatloads of friends who have transplanted themselves in the middle of all things troy/university of michigan.

notes from the conference
1. workshops galore on how minorities are screwed in health, wealth, education, prison, everything. apparently we minority journalists are supposed to write stories about it all.
2. a quick guide on how to tell a print journo from a broadcast journo.

we don’t really care about radio, but they’re probably more like faceless print journos than anything else.

3. the senegalese president was speaking at this conference about free speech. there was quite the kerfuffle, and a fist fight actually broke out amongst critics and supporters. missed the fight, but did get to see a lot of angry people.

as for my many friends who live in chicago, our one night of partying can basically be summed up by this pic:

i just wish i could remember what song was playing.

ann arbor = titletown

check out the cute asian boy at the 2:43 mark.

who’s that hottie?


that’s my little bro.

courtesy of busted coverage, a skeevy site dedicated to half naked women and sometimes sports. the post was titled: “ESPN Rounds Up United Nation Of Dorks At UM”

ESPN was in Ann Arbor this week and was able to round up what appears to be every grad student who can’t afford to catch a flight home to Chiang Mai for the summer.

now that’s just offensive.

the beginning of the rich rod era

U-M running back and former EGR standout Kevin Grady to be arraigned on drunken driving charge

University of Michigan football player and former East Grand Rapids High School standout Kevin Grady will be in Wyoming District Court next week, where he will be arraigned on a charge of operating while intoxicated.

Grady, 22, was taken to the Kent County Jail this morning and was released on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond, according to jail records.

The intoxication charge is a misdemeanor. Wyoming Police are not commenting on the case prior to Grady’s arraignment, according to spokesman Capt. Brad Schutter.