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the wire gets M.I.A./blaqstarr treatment

the hotness

maybe i should say the tom waits song gets M.I.A./blaqstarr treatment, but we all know why i really give a crap about this song …

very belated generation kill post

since i’m a terrible blogger/person, i don’t find it important at all to write these posts in a timely manner, which is why you’re getting my thoughts on david simon’s new project, generation kill, almost a week late. oh well.

the most important thing you need to know is that i met david simon at tuesday’s screening. imagine some celebrity you’d be really excited to meet such as tina fey, matt damon, or paris hilton. david simon almost rises to that level for me (he created the wire, for godsakes). needless to say i was geeky and excited and quickly well-greased with wine. we talked about stupid stuff, and i didn’t ask for his autograph. i call the night a success.

btw, the miniseries screening was good, too. notable actors in it include bart bass from gossip girl, one of the brothers from the black donnellys, a guy who looks totally like adam from heroes (but isn’t), and many, many people who have guest starred on law & order at some point in their career (who hasn’t).

and should you watch the 7-part miniseries? if you like movies/books about combat, then of course. it’s one of the best of its ilk. if you’re more of a sex & the city kind of person, this is not groundbreaking enough to transcend the genre.

and a total shout out to miss nikki for hooking me up with this screening. look at her working her journalism thing w/ the book’s author. you take it to the house, girrrl.

generation kill

thanks to some people w/ perks, i’m going to a screening of generation kill — a coming-soon hbo miniseries about the military (something or other). i will also get to see creator david simon of “the wire” fame, who i consider a real celebrity (forget kucinich). usually i go to things like this for the free food and drinks, but this time, i actually want to see this screening and panel discussion.

and in an effort to make this blog more robust (more content, less snark and style to cover up the lack of substance), i will try to TAKE NOTES during the festivities. this is pretty revolutionary considering i almost never took notes during high school and college, and it’s a constant struggle as a reporter (yikes). don’t tell anyone.

baltimore schools: VERY REAL

thank god there are people out there trying to save this world from itself. michigan friend jeremy is teaching for america out in baltimore and has been doing the middle school history thing via soulja boy and kanye.

rumor has it, the kids love him — and i like to imagine that he’s channeling michelle pfeiffer circa “dangerous minds.” unfortunately, the analogy falls apart when you realize jeremy is not ex-military (or female). or, if i wanted to name drop, i’d say his life is more like “school of rock” meets “school house rock” meets “rennaissance man” meets “the wire.”

check out the myspace page.
or just these lyrics for “soldier boy” to the tune of “crank that (soulja boy)”:

Soldier boy up in this war
We won’t take this anymore
Redcoats had done us wrong
So load the cannons, let them roar!

or listen to “tea party” to the classic “next episode.”

celebrity sighting: corey parker robinson

The Wire’s detective sydnor (who looked good in a suit and out of that under armour t-shirt) narrated copland’s “lincoln portrait” at the kennedy center tonight. as far as i know, this is officially the closest i’ve ever been to an actor from the wire, and i’m sure the geriatric crowd around me had no idea who this person was (“why couldn’t they get morgan freeman?”).

after the concert, i was forced to watch him snuggle w/ his grrl in the box seats (get a room), but at least they weren’t worse than the couple three rows up who were playing grab-ass and sucking face all through intermission. i think it’s cute when ugly people find each other, but i’d rather be punished with your inevitably ugly kid and not the freak nasty it takes to get there. at least the kid couldn’t help being homely.

in conclusion, i’m glad i wrote this post about a concert for a genre that no one listens to, which featured an actor from a show that barely anyone watches. if you made it this far, thanks for the support, friends.

why i hate season 5 of the wire so far

it’s currently my facebook status, and a handful of people have asked me why. a message i’ve already crafted for someone (MILD SPOILERS):

1. this mcnulty/freeman making up a serial killer storyline is completely absurd. i didn’t realize i was watching desperate housewives with gangsters.

2. not only is the storyline absurd, but it’s taken over the show. i want more omar, snoop, chris, marlo, actual police work, etc. i’ll even take more of the mayor, who, for the most part, i can’t stand. i never would have said this for seasons 1-4, but way too much mcnulty

3. did i mention the newspaper scenes can be awful. obv i come from a closer perspective, but some of these characters are pretty flat. they are good or they are bad. none of the layers of the other characters. maybe i don’t know enough about drug dealers or politicians or cops, but i’m pretty sure journalists are complex human beings too.

4. fake reporter plot? please. that wouldn’t happen nowadays–at least not how it’s happening here. maybe before jayson blair and stephen glass, but since then, all i’ve seen are editors who are hyper paranoid about fake sources. the erosion of journalism is a lot more subtle than that.

5. and why are their junior reporters so old? the stories they are chasing down are the ones they give to interns nowadays. these people are in their late 20s early 30s. that’s editor material already.

my prediction; mcnulty and freeman go to jail, and bunk solves the rowhouse case doing real police work. if i’m correct, i’ll hate this season even more. TOOOOO EASY.