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things i was into when i was a kid

i’ve found myself needing to justifying knowing obscure bits of trivia recently, and i usually explain my vast expanse of useless knowledge by saying something along the lines of “well, i only know that b/c i was obsessed with it when i was like, 8.”

what i’m starting to realize is that qualification is almost meaningless b/c i was “obsessed” with a TON of things when i was young. below i list a number of topics i spent at least 1 week in deep immersion (where i read and thought of nothing else), all mostly before middle school.

rocks (3 types)
plate tectonics/ring of fire/earthquakes/volcanoes
henry VIII (and wives)
elizabeth I
space (particularly, deep space, phasars, quasars, saturn/jupiter’s moons, comets)
clouds (3 types, again!)
ancient rome
greek mythology
serial killers
particularly, jack the ripper