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express: thanks for feeding my vanity, again

i’m back!

mocha love

clinton, i know you’re reading this. we should meet one day and share high-brow journalistic observations about the absurdity of life. (“bobby jindal IS the indian kenneth the page!” as we swill oregon pinot noir and nibble on tapas.)

am i famous yet?

lauren asks: so who are you sleeping with at the express to get your blog quoted twice in the past two days??

12/23 edition

kanye. woot.

12/22 edition


yes lauren, it is pretty weird since my only contact at the express has since left for greener pastures. i’m just that good.

in bed.

fishbowl dc

minor fame.

skunk traffic summary report

so i got a huge boost in traffic from my blow-up bike post, thanks to a mention on the express (a free tabloid that’s passed out on the metro in DC). i also got picked up on the DC blogs network and other dc-related sites. hooray. maybe i’ll make more than 2 cents on my google ads.

but most interestingly in my google analytics is that SOMEONE in the world searched “‘wanted’ mcevoy fat girl speech to boss” in google and found my blog. what is that about? although it was a good speech.

nuclear engineering is really interesting

the showespecially if it’s me talking about it.

LISTEN!! (you’ll need real player, which is sort of stupid.)

i love robin young’s perfect soothing radio voice, especially compared to my hyperfast rampage. also, if you know how to make this non-real player, then let me know.

NPR: i’m slightly more legit

i’m going to be on NPR tuesday (today) on here and now (unfortunately not the luther vandross song) talking about nuclear engineering (thanks zach!)

chances are, i won’t be broadcast in your area, but i’ll try to post the recording on my blog. right now i’m doing some serious studying on nuclear, but i’ll be happy as long as i don’t say nucular.

“some lib reporter”

if you somehow missed it, me vs. an “outraged conservative” on fox news, posted by some other outraged conservative.

sallee5, thanks for the ridiculous screen grab. ass.

i went to fox news studio …

… and all i got was this lousy cranberry juice.

that’s a lie. i also took and drank the water, but i definitely swiped the cranberry juice from the green room with an F you on the mind.

another perk: they had a car service pick me up, and he was MINE until the taping was over. apparently jefferson (no last name) sometimes drives meestah murdoch around and to and from his private 747 at dulles airport. now i wish i had biked to the studio and brought my helmet into the building. “you guys totally need more bike racks around here. btw is this cranberry juice locally produced?”

anyways, i’ve buried the lead. i have some confirmation of when this segment will be, but i still have no idea what the name of this show is.


get your friends and parents to watch! “doood, i totally know that girl!”