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RIP ipod

it was a good 3 years, but my ipod kicked it HARD this morning. first there was the precipitous decline in battery life that started a couple weeks back. then this morning the thing was just done with life. it clicked. it shook. it showed me a sad face. i’ve honestly never held a more dead piece of electronics in my life.

goodbye. we had some good ones, especially the time you flew out of my pocket when i was riding my bike and you hit the concrete going 15mph. and then you continued to live for 6 months. amazing.

in other news, it’s super annoying that i can’t get 50ish gig ipod that isn’t an overpriced touch. instead i got this 16g puppy for $170:

it matches this blog, which i totally did on purpose.

child is sole survivor of a plane crash

from the nyt:

News reports from Yemen said the child was 5 years old and had been taken to a hospital but did not give further details. Later reports said the child may have been 14 years old. Neither report could be independently confirmed.

this is definitely the opening scene of a sci-fi or horror movie … off the top of my head, samurai girl, final destination, probably the back story of one of the x-men mutants …

i flush with too much aggression

b/c my toilet is only half-functioning right now.

fix me

pretty sure our maintenance guy isn’t going to fix this any time soon, so it looks like dipping my hand into toilet water will be the name of the game until i can make it to the hardware store.

in the meantime, i’m trying to pee at work as much as possible.

rage vs. apathy

i’m trying to subdue the amount of stress in my life right now. my rage directed toward stupidity (or as one woman euphemistically called it, my “extreme energy”) has begun to consume my well-being. ACK.

for instance, today, there were only two things that brought me joy. 1) reading about the economic crisis and 2) seeing a picture of a dog-sized rat in china.

i started reading the zen habits blog (one of’s top 25. i’m so mainstream) to cope, but if anything, i feel more confused. i feel more rage.

it’s the calm voice in the writing, and the lack of irony, and those damn emoticons. it’s the assured tone when writing totally unsubstantiated or conversely common sense advice. it’s the idea that not everything’s a big deal, and what you should really care about is yourself.

sounds reasonable enough, but at what point does that go too far and you just become a selfish, lazy, apathetic hypocrite? and why are there 94k people subscribed to some dude’s blog? and why do dozens/hundreds of people leave irritatingly optimistic comments after the similarly peppy posts? thinking about this is hard and saddens me.

and i’m back at square one.

save me.

they really need writers

if you can’t read it: “Writers Volunteers needed for a charitable organization”

couldn’t have said it better myself.

cake wrecks: my friday love

cake wrecks, a great blog about absolutely awful cakes, is the best thing that’s happened to me all day. if you need a pick-me-up, just click that link.

if you only have time to look at one post, make it the “inspiration vs. perspiration” post:

apparently a couple who was getting married wanted this cake:

this is what they got instead:

there is absolutely nothing good about this cake.

CVS toothbrush


can’t say i’ve ever seen that before, cheap POS.

hugo chavez is definitely behind this

miss venezuela is now miss universe, but obviously she only won b/c she was kidnapped as a child. plus the fact that venezuela is apparently a “pageant superpower,” with four previous miss universe winners and five miss worlds. and herein lies chavez’s real power.

and what’s w/ miss USA falling for the 2nd year in the row? times are tough for the US of A.

where’s sandra bullock when you need her?