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an observation on being ‘skilled’

since labor issues keep coming up in my daily readings, and they simultaneously rub up against some existential thoughts i’ve been having about my education (past and future), i’ve been finding it kind of sad that i’m considered “skilled labor” when i indeed have very few useful skills.

i just read the road by cormac mccarthy, set on earth after some anonymous apocalypse, and after some reflection on my “skills,” i’m pretty sure i’d die pretty early. post-apocalyptic media is supposed to make me think, “how would i react in this do-or-die situation?” and i like to imagine myself the clever or brave or calm one. but when i really think about it, the chances are i’d be one of the people who’d die in the initial attack/event (i live in the city and relatively near the coasts). and if not, i don’t even know how to start a fire or fix a car or spot clean water, so i’ll probably die from dehydration or salmonella poisoning. my only chance is if i have will smith by my side.

kim jong il chooses successor

it’s his 26yo third son, kim jong un. facts: he went to swiss boarding school under a pseudonym, likes the NBA and MJ, and just adores jean-claude van damme. i, nor anyone, has any idea what this kid’s political views or leadership style are like, but the most pressing question when reading this story is: why not the first or second son?

[Kim Jong Il] has two other sons. But the eldest, Jong Nam, 38, lost favor in 2001 when he was caught trying to enter Japan on a phony passport. He told Japanese officials he wanted to visit Disneyland in Tokyo.

The middle son, Jong Chol, 28, was regarded by his father as unfit for leadership and too feminine, according to Kenji Fujimoto, a former Japanese sushi chef for the North Korean leader and author of the memoir “I was Kim Jong Il’s Cook.”

i’m certain this will not end well. losing the throne b/c of mickey mouse is bound to breed resentment. have we learned nothing from king lear? or probably some story in the bible? or maybe greek myth? my history degree is completely failing me right now. i’m personally rooting for the middle child. it has “i, claudius” written all over it.

also, nice sourcing, washington post.

CVS toothbrush


can’t say i’ve ever seen that before, cheap POS.