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damn, a lot happened when i was gone

is it just me or did a lot of news happen between july 1-11? or maybe b/c my access to news was so sparse, little news seemed a lot more important than it actually was.

some highlights of the week and half past:

1. GM emerges out of bankruptcy: well that was fast.
2. palin resigns: well that was fast.
3. micheal jackson had a funeral: proving that LA and california are bankrupt, maybe morally but definitely financially.
4. marion barry got arrested for stalking his ex: he is batshit crazy and a disgrace, but we already knew that.
5. uighurs riot and kill in a western chinese province: most people still do not know who uighurs are, except maybe they can pronounce it now. or not.

Many English speakers pronounce it as /ˈwiː.ɡər/ but the pronunciation /ujˈɡur/ is closer to native

question, if “uighur” is pronounced “uj’gur” in the native tongue, why do english speakers pronounce it “wi:ger”, which is so much further from the phonetics? white people fail.
6. steve mcnair is killed: sad, but the whole 20yo mistress is kind of awkward. she can’t even legally drink.
7. al franken is now a US senator: officially making minnesota the most awesome state for politics ever. the body ftw!

that’s all i can remember right now. did i miss anything?

amy poehler was aight, too

tina fey was perfect, but so was poehler. i just wanted to be on the record saying that she got every bit of pro-clinton frustration right. without poehler and the underappreciated writing, i’d posit that fey’s palin wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.

and if it’s possible you haven’t seen the video yet:

i’m still searching for video of the “cathy” segment in the middle of the weekend update. maybe even funnier than the palin/clinton opener. random and family guy-esque.

P.S. michael phelps sucked. besides all your fancy gold medals, you are a disgrace to the university of michigan. only slightly better than our special teams units.

what is wrong w/ the world?

everything that went went wrong this week:

my flag football team was destroyed
michigan was destroyed
russian plane crash
india bombed from the inside out
trains colliding
perhaps the largest govt takeover of a financial organization was initiated
another bank is about to go down

call me a crazy liberal, but i think this is all sarah palin’s fault. the timing is right.

if obama loses, blame palin + the internet

the mccain/palin numbers right now are unbelievable. if this all goes south, here’s why:

1. palin seems to defy all logic. if you say bad things, she’s more sympathetic; if you say good things, well you’re saying good things. the best way to stop the palin love machine is to STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. every time democrats and the media say anything negative about her, somehow her stock goes up. i don’t pretend to know why, but i’m positive it’s happening. the glee that lefties display when hating on palin is just making her stronger. the only way to stop this cancerous growth is to ignore she exists.

2. unfortunately, sarah palin is WEB TRAFFIC MAGIC. i know this personally b/c i wrote some throwaway blog post for work about palin and her college career, and now it makes up 66% of my traffic for the month. i’ve written appx 30 posts this month, and the palin one is almost 2/3 of my traffic. that is disgusting. anyway, even if journos and liberal bloggers wanted to start a palin moratorium, they can’t. their web metrics would suck and their numbers-derived pride couldn’t take it.

and so is the path into the barack obama’s black hole of death, where all democratic dreams go to die.

sarah palin, you’ve ruined my blogging ability

HAIR!!my mind has been totally preoccupied with palinmania, and my feminist rant is lurking somewhere, but i can’t find it in the muddle of the palincopia of news. i do know one thing, i don’t want to hear about bristol palin’s uterus again. ok, yes abstinence-only doesn’t work, but let’s talk about all the other scary things about palin:

1. she hates polar bears. she sued the interior dept to get them off the endangered animals list. she also dislikes salmon, other bears, and caribou. (but where will i get my coffee?)
2. she wants to drill the bejesus out of alaska. but whatever, it’s her state.
3. she apparently has foreign policy experience b/c alaska is near russia, says cindy mccain. i lived 20 min from windsor. what does that make me?
4. she may or may not have been part of an alaskan separatist party. her husband was part of one until 2002. GO AMERICA.
5. she has at least contemplated banning books from the wasilla library. then, for not supporting her administration, she fired the librarian who thought all the little kiddies should be able to read the catcher in the rye. kind of sounds like stalin.
6. she attends a pentecostal church. i guess that doesn’t affect her VP abilities, but i think it’s kind of creepy. ever see jesus camp!!?!?!
7. she’s anti-abortion.

given all that, there are a couple things in the wikipedia page that make me like her a little. obviously she’s an aggressive and ambition woman, which i can appreciate. also when she was mayor of wasilla, she reduced the mayoral salary, and when she was governor, she made the legislature sell some jet they had. i think she legitimately thinks waste spending is bad … she and i just completely disagree on what “waste” even is.

lastly, this sentence on her wikipedia page AMAZED me:

In 2002, term limits prevented Palin from running for a third term as mayor. Her stepmother-in-law, Faye Palin, ran for the office but lost the election to Dianne Keller after Sarah Palin endorsed Keller, her cousin.

is everyone in wasilla related to palin? yeesh.

sarah who?

is that deafening silence the sound of mccain stealing all of obama’s thunder?
that rat bastard.

not to objectify women or anything, but miss wasilla 1984 is a very attractive woman (there goes the undecided horny male vote). and she was apparently pretty killer at basketball, too. who wants to see palin vs obama in some 1-on-1 street ball?