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in nyc, i discovered something about myself

went to nyc this weekend, and i found that there is something that comes close to my utter disdain for hot and muggy summers in dc. that would be the first nice day of the year. in nyc. in soho. and especially in chinatown.

too. many. people. it’s as if there were never going to be another nice day in the world ever. if i were at home, i’d have stayed inside, or at least found me an abandoned section of grass. why would you ruin a perfectly nice day with so many god-forsaken people? got me.

for the record, the ideal day would be 45 degrees, no wind. warm enough to get away with cheap gloves and a nice coat, but cold enough to keep the streets clear. for biking on crowded trails, it has to be even colder. those power walkers are a hearty bunch. takes a bit more to get them out of the way.

one last batman post. i swear. i think.

just got to reading some rotten tomatoes reviews. thoughts:

1. the fact that this movie is rated lower than wall-e is shameful. a crime against humanity. etc.

2. of the 12 reviewers who gave it the rotten rating, 9 are from new york. i realize that more reviewers probably live in new york, but 75%? plus, in the top crtics section, the only negative reviews were from the wall street journal, new york magazine, and the new yorker. i have a message for all of new york: GET OVER YOURSELVES. i literally will never trust anything you ever review again. and as for you new yorker: i liked your obama fist jab cover, but now you’re dead to me.

any faithful readers in NYC?

bus fares are getting cheaper, at least so it seems.

boltbus (run by greyhound) has fares that start at $1 (one-way?). it uses an auction-like system, charging more as the bus becomes fuller. if you get in early, you pay $1; if the bus is half full, maybe $10 (totally making numbers up).

megabus has something similar going on–not that i can tell since their site’s overloaded and nonworking at this time.
to make a long story short, i want to go to NYC–especially between May 30 and June 5, when tickets are free. can this be true?