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tavi vs. terry

facebook has been taunting me with terry gross (of NPR fresh air fame) on my homepage, and every time i glance at that right-hand rail, i repeatedly think of tavi gevinson. anyone see the resemblance?

since i assume everyone who reads this is a nerd, you all know who terry gross is. but who is tavi? tavi is a 13yo fashion blogging wunderkind whose “style” has inexplicably served as muse for designers, and for a while there, she was kinda a big deal in the fashion world. she was like the justin bieber of fashion writing

the tavi phenomenon was particularly ridiculous because 1) her blogging was mediocre at best, and 2) her outfits sorta sucked. at age 11 when she started, she was definitely 5 years ahead of her time in writing ability. i’d even say she writes better than most adults. HOWEVER, no matter how impressive the feat for a newly minted tween, i still don’t want to read a spastic 16yo write about the stupid oversized sweater she wore over a clashing blazer with some ridiculous leggings and neon shoes.

secondly, her outfits are garbage. 11yo’s tend to be tiny, and tiny people have the luxury of wearing a ton of shit layered upon each other, and calling it an outfit. you know what happens when girls with big boobs try to do that? we look fat. when tiny people do it, they are muses. F THAT.

i’m a bit late on the tavi rant (she peaked a while ago), but this whole terry gross thing had me thinking about how stupid people can be. add another item onto that list.

nuclear engineering is really interesting

the showespecially if it’s me talking about it.

LISTEN!! (you’ll need real player, which is sort of stupid.)

i love robin young’s perfect soothing radio voice, especially compared to my hyperfast rampage. also, if you know how to make this non-real player, then let me know.

NPR: i’m slightly more legit

i’m going to be on NPR tuesday (today) on here and now (unfortunately not the luther vandross song) talking about nuclear engineering (thanks zach!)

chances are, i won’t be broadcast in your area, but i’ll try to post the recording on my blog. right now i’m doing some serious studying on nuclear, but i’ll be happy as long as i don’t say nucular.

obama/clinton and classical music

the only thing relating these two topics is that i have two stories about both from public radio.

1. a “management guru” from london talks about the U.S. presidency.

But, dare I say it, you have a small problem. The founding fathers have required you to elect a President who has to be both head of state and prime minister, the chairman and the chief executive. They are very different roles.

i think it’s clear that obama and clinton’s strengths are very different, and each seem to fill one of these roles better than the other. i guess the question is, what do you think the role of the president is? a chairman? or a CEO?

2. NPR says to listen to hard-to-find classical music on youtube. I’VE BEEN DOING THAT FOR MONTHS. for once, i’m ahead of the curve.

when did i become a huge cliche?

what i did sunday:

1. bought a bike (how eco-friendly) at a local bike shop owned by two awesome gay guys.
2. went grocery shopping at whole foods
3. brought my own bags to whole foods
4. listened to npr podcasts and this american life while shopping at whole foods

i didn’t recycle our microbrew beer bottles that day, but definitely did the week before.

if you had to pick one blog …

i would say, read this one: Stuff White People Like

#51 Living by the water
#46 The Sunday New York Times
#45 Asian Fusion Food
#44 Public Radio
#41 Indie Music
#39 Netflix
#37 Renovations
#36 Breakfast Places
#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report
#33 Marijuana
#29 80s Night
#24 Wine
#23 Microbreweries
#17 Hating their parents
#14 Having Black Friends
#11 Asian Girls

GREAT find, andy!