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beyonce: sweet dreams

i’ve been getting kinda girly on this blog lately, but this is a good beyonce track. this youtube upload sucks, but wow beyonce is ridic hot. i’ll update if a better version of the video comes out. beyonce is the bionic woman minus the ninja skills.

it’s unclear why i keep posting britney songs

but this one’s good, too: “unusual you”

very unbritney sounding.

the wire gets M.I.A./blaqstarr treatment

the hotness

maybe i should say the tom waits song gets M.I.A./blaqstarr treatment, but we all know why i really give a crap about this song …

it’s as if weird al was a bunch of low-income black kids

7th graders sing and dance to “you can vote however you like” to the tune of TI’s “whatever you like.”

i’m sure TI approves of this message. from prison. good thing they don’t discuss gun control.

britney: even more NSFW than before

trust me. this is really not ok for work.

the gimme more video made me feel guilty. this video lets me know everything will be all right in the world.

who does ryan adams love?

mariah carey, that’s who.

Not only is Adams a huge fan of the R&B singer, he named an album after a Mariah Carey cut. “My manager called and said, ‘You have 15 seconds to name this record,'” he says. “My eyes focused on this poster of Mariah wearing a T-shirt that said HEARTBREAKER. I just shouted, ‘Heartbreaker!’ Daydream is one of my most played records. People need to reinvestigate Glitter. I’m settled enough in my masculinity to say I don’t see anything wrong with Glitter.”

shout out to j-ho, whose bro bylined this excellent piece of reportage.

albums i’ve recently acquired

i’ve been on a music binge and just thought i’d share:

1. robert plant and alison krauss — raising sand (2007)
holy crap what a great bluegrassy-ish album.
2. carla bruni — Quelqu’un m’a dit (2003)
wikipedia tells me that this means “someone told me.” i liked her newer album, and i’ve been told this one’s better. we shall find out.
3. white town — women in technology (1997)
you know that song where a guy sings, “well i guess what they say is true / I could never be the right kind of girl for you.” yeah, i dled that album, and i liked it.

4. meredith brooks — blurring the edges (1997)
yes, she’s the chick who sang that “bitch” song, but she also sang “what would happen,” which was played on this episode of homicide i was watching on friday. then when searching for it, i realized i actually had that song, but it was mislabeled under fiona apple, and i felt dumb. then i found $20. also i need to watch more homicide.

5. d’angelo — brown sugar (1995)
i was looking for the d’angelo/erykah badu cover of the marvin gaye/tammi terrell song “your precious love,” which led me to want the brown sugar album. in the process of dling, i then realized AGAIN that i had this cover in itunes already, just mislabeled as “heaven must have sent you from above.” i’m really scared to know how many songs are wrong in my library. 6,000+ songs, so i’ll probably never find out.

6. solange — sol-angel and the hadley st. dreams (2008)
what? an album from this year? omg! this has got to be one of the worst album titles of all time, but the songs are aight — very ’70s jazz loungey and catchy. but let’s be honest, it’s beyonce’s sister! she’s gonna be as big as ashlee simpson!
7. rihanna — good girl gone bad (2007)
i just wanted to hear “don’t stop the music.” i like rihanna. i’m not ashamed, although i’m not sure why anyone would think i’d be ashamed since i have an entire “mariah carey” tag on this blog. ::shrug::
8. rilo kiley — under the blacklight (2007)
“silver lining” is great b/c she actually sings the word “hooray,” and that’s awesome.

9. hole – celebrity skin (1998)
i was reading a kurt cobain article in wired magazine’s (terrible) fashion insert and remembered that hole existed. why does courtney love keep coming up in my life?
10. various artists — amparo (2008)
this is some classical-style latin music that i got off the free shelf at work. i only mention this b/c i wanted to ensure this list gets into the double digits.

i’ve never said my tastes were “hip” or “up-to-date” or even “good,” but i can report back on some of these albums once i get a couple listens through. and if there are any other good mid-’90s songs that need to be rediscovered, PLEASE send them my way. i live for the 1990s, when i peaked in popularity. 8th grade class president, woot woot.

my office 4-speaker set up


the big ones are for my ipod, and the small ones for my computer.