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nice find, maura.

if obama loses, blame palin + the internet

the mccain/palin numbers right now are unbelievable. if this all goes south, here’s why:

1. palin seems to defy all logic. if you say bad things, she’s more sympathetic; if you say good things, well you’re saying good things. the best way to stop the palin love machine is to STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. every time democrats and the media say anything negative about her, somehow her stock goes up. i don’t pretend to know why, but i’m positive it’s happening. the glee that lefties display when hating on palin is just making her stronger. the only way to stop this cancerous growth is to ignore she exists.

2. unfortunately, sarah palin is WEB TRAFFIC MAGIC. i know this personally b/c i wrote some throwaway blog post for work about palin and her college career, and now it makes up 66% of my traffic for the month. i’ve written appx 30 posts this month, and the palin one is almost 2/3 of my traffic. that is disgusting. anyway, even if journos and liberal bloggers wanted to start a palin moratorium, they can’t. their web metrics would suck and their numbers-derived pride couldn’t take it.

and so is the path into the barack obama’s black hole of death, where all democratic dreams go to die.

sarah who?

is that deafening silence the sound of mccain stealing all of obama’s thunder?
that rat bastard.

not to objectify women or anything, but miss wasilla 1984 is a very attractive woman (there goes the undecided horny male vote). and she was apparently pretty killer at basketball, too. who wants to see palin vs obama in some 1-on-1 street ball?

does cindy mccain have daddy issues?

let’s survey the evidence.

1. jim hensley, cindy mccain’s father, was a bombardier in WWII who was shot down over the english channel. after returning injured from combat, he left his first wife to be with cindy’s mom and left behind a daughter.

2. john mccain was a naval aviator who was shot down in vietnam. after returning injured from combat, he left his disfigured first wife to be with cindy and left behind a daughter (along with two other children from the first wife’s previous marriage).

kind of creepy, right? and as jesse says, every girl just wants to marry her daddy.

sick and tired …

of hearing people talk about all these “angry white women” who are defecting to mccain. i’m not one to harp about “the media,” but the mass exodus of women from the democratic party to c-word-loving, women’s-rights-hating mccain is unlikely. and to keep talking about it is just insulting. from salon:

But in his excellent Sunday column, Frank Rich challenges the narrative, pointing out that Barack Obama actually has a huge lead among female voters. The whole column is worth a read, but here’s the clincher:

“The notion that all female Clinton supporters became ‘angry white women’ once their candidate lost — to the hysterical extreme where even lifelong Democrats would desert their own party en masse — is itself a sexist stereotype. That’s why some of the same talking heads and Republican operatives who gleefully insulted Mrs. Clinton are now peddling this fable on such flimsy anecdotal evidence.”

I’ve heard reports of Clinton followers who refuse to support Obama — and we will hear more from them, and about them, as the campaign wears on — but the vast majority of female Clinton supporters do. As Matthew Yglesias wrote over at the, “The idea that Democratic women would defect en masse to the GOP in a fit of pique is a preposterous notion that seems to be founded on the underlying assumption that women can’t respond to their political choices as rationally as men can.”

i might be pissed, but i’m not stupid.
now leave me alone.