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law and order: jeff goldblum

um. they are firing vincent d’onofrio and kathryn erbe from law and order: criminal intent because they like goldblum’s more lighthearted style? are you serious? i was excited when they hired goldblum, but not anymore since he is TOTALLY STEALING THE SHOW AWAY AND DESTROYING IT.

i’m trying to think of the proper analogy here. it’s like the fun and charismatic obama stealing the democratic ticket from the old workhorse clinton. BUT THIS IS WORSE THAN THAT. b/c that was an actual competition. this feels like a coup. like goldblum swilled some scotch with dick wolf and was like, “you know that d’onofrio? kind of fat. kind of dour. i’m your guy,” as he cocked his head back and crossed his legs effeminately.

this is about as upset as i’ve been since monday when my fantasy team lost in a ridiculous comeback at the hands of ronnie brown and dallas clark. devastating. i am devastated.