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gossip girl is back

new york magazine’s headline: “best. show. ever.” and also “The Genius of Gossip Girl: How a wunderkind producer, seven tabloid-ready stars, an army of bloggers, and a nation of texting tweenagers are changing the way we watch television.”

don’t get me wrong, i love gossip girl, but i find the hyperbolic enthusiasm of these headlines a bit — hyperbolic. i appreciate the gushfest, but GG is too young to be revolutionary. there have only been 13 episodes before today, and let’s not forget the OC was pretty good before it totally derailed in its 3rd season. now it’s just a teen melodrama afterthought. what the hell is mischa barton doing these days anyway?

regardless, why you should watch GG:

In the first thirteen episodes, Schwartz has already included a pregnancy scare, a marriage proposal, an attempted rape, a lost virginity, a near-deadly accident, a divorce, a suicide attempt, multiple thefts, blackmail, a drug addiction, a threesome, at least two counts of breaking and entering, and an eating disorder.

so glad GG is back. jenny humphrey, you bad bitch, you.

in other tv news, i didn’t know jesse l. martin was leaving law and order. you will be missed, but i am very much intrigued that anthony anderson will be taking his spot. he played a detective for an episode of SVU, but will now take the full-time spot on L&O “prime” (what imdb calls it).

AA was great in season 4 of the shield (oddly, the only season i’ve seen), and i am amused by l&o’s very tidy racial transposition. must. meet. quota.

thanks for the quote, maura. i was way too lazy to find one myself.

hello gossip girl; goodbye reaper

GG got picked up for a second season, but reaper did not. i’m not too torn up about the loss of reaper, but it’s a shame that a show that’s been decently entertaining got axed while private practice (which i think is pure trash) is still on the air. reaper isn’t a devastating personal loss, but it’s just too bad.

thanks mcfo for the tip.