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damn, a lot happened when i was gone

is it just me or did a lot of news happen between july 1-11? or maybe b/c my access to news was so sparse, little news seemed a lot more important than it actually was.

some highlights of the week and half past:

1. GM emerges out of bankruptcy: well that was fast.
2. palin resigns: well that was fast.
3. micheal jackson had a funeral: proving that LA and california are bankrupt, maybe morally but definitely financially.
4. marion barry got arrested for stalking his ex: he is batshit crazy and a disgrace, but we already knew that.
5. uighurs riot and kill in a western chinese province: most people still do not know who uighurs are, except maybe they can pronounce it now. or not.

Many English speakers pronounce it as /ˈwiː.ɡər/ but the pronunciation /ujˈɡur/ is closer to native

question, if “uighur” is pronounced “uj’gur” in the native tongue, why do english speakers pronounce it “wi:ger”, which is so much further from the phonetics? white people fail.
6. steve mcnair is killed: sad, but the whole 20yo mistress is kind of awkward. she can’t even legally drink.
7. al franken is now a US senator: officially making minnesota the most awesome state for politics ever. the body ftw!

that’s all i can remember right now. did i miss anything?

culpepper says his goal is to win the NFC north

ok, daunte.

i think you’ve been drinking too much of rb kevin smith’s kool-aid, if you know what i mean.

my bold prediction: i am confident we will beat our record from last eyar.

holy crap where have i been?

wow. this might be the longest i’ve ever been away from blogging.

quick rundown of where i’ve been since last thursday.

friday-sunday: in the west virginia mountains rafting and camping and watching rednecks arm wrestle.


sort of looks like a mullet under that cap, but i think it’s just a stately ponytail.

sunday-monday: in philly looking for an apartment. saw 12 places in 7 hours. holla. decided on the roosevelt, which hopefully does not have rats.

tuesday-wednesday: packing. my life = 15ish boxes.

thursday: flying to LAX, chillin/napping in LA, and then eating an overpriced dinner next to this guy:

apparently he’s famous from west wing, but i know him from sports night and as the rich AA member on in plain sight. omg LA is so coooool.

friday: rest in newport beach.

saturday-sunday: san diego to see andy.

first we played volleyball with random dudes whose names were — no joke — dash, boat, and brass. and if you weren’t sure of their names or maybe just forgot, no worries! they had them tattooed on their back, chest, neck, whatever.

then, keeping it classy, we did a pub crawl, which included a bar with a electronic bull. can’t say i’ve ever seen this before:


if you can’t tell, that dude is definitely sporting a mullet. recap: no mullets in west virginia; many mullets in san diego. who woulda thunk it.

after watching a bunch of dudes ride the bull, the entire crawl ended up at a swanky rooftop bar above the hard rock cafe, where we accidentally stumbled upon a san diego chargers birthday party featuring the ying yang twins. wait. what? so here we have 300 peeps in matching t-shirts feeling awfully uncomfortable next to football players and scantily clad women. i was wearing a short dress w/ some cleave hanging out, but compared to most of the women there, i was looking downright nun-like. then there were these dudes dancing furiously to techno:


today (monday, memorial day) was luckily a day of rest, and hopefully enough to recharge me for regular blogging from here on out.

skunk is back, hopefully with tales of southern california absurdities.

lions: 0-16


merry christmas michigan football

even in a down year, the go family remains loyal.

we still love you, even though this relationship has grown abusive.

lions thanksgiving liveblog

refresh for the latest lions commentary. i guarantee i give up before halftime, but i’ll try real hard anyway.

12:40: game starts
12:42: 2nd play of the game. lions fumble the ball. yup.
12:44: titans long run leads to titans touchdown. we are one minute and 30 seconds into this game. good god.
12:45: awesome cadillac commercial w/ lt. daniels from the wire in it. best thing of the game so far.
12:47: titans kick. take a knee. only way we’re gonna get 20 yards in one play.
**note: nice neon blue throwback jerseys. i like your style.
12:52: calvin johnson is long lean and beautiful. jason hanson is bald, pasty but also beautiful. best long-range kicker ever. (lots of practice). score = 7-3.
12:53: brother changes the channel to the xmen movie. ian mckellen, take that stupid hat off.
12:58: ugh. 55-yard run. “virtually untouched.” are you people F’ING SERIOUS?
**note: kerry collins looks just like greg germann, a quintessential “that guy.” you might remember him from talladega nights.

1:08: detroit three and out leads to titans ball AGAIN. omg titans with 100 yards rushing already. 10 minutes into the game.
1:15: why do we even pretend we have an offensive line? god i feel bad for daunte culpepper. 17-yard int td. 21-3.
**note: when these announcers have to do cheesy promos for shitty shows, do you think they want to die inside every time? “people are under the spell of simon baker. he’s so dreamy.”
1:23: harris w/ the 13yard pooch punt. oh wait. we’re on our own 10. damnit.
4:30: uh. woke up from a nap. what happened?
the end.

chokefest 2008

michigan/ohio state game this weekend, and the line is ohio state by 20 1/2. my bet: michigan will not beat the spread.

the actual big ten game to watch (sort of): penn state vs michigan state. much like the suckfest that was the notre dame/michigan game early this year, this is the “who can choke the least” game. penn state is better and is favored by 15.5 points, but, well IOWA. and michigan state … remember that notre dame game in 2006 where the irish were losing by 16 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. i remember when they scored that first comeback TD someone saying, “if notre dame wins, we’re all going to drink a pitcher of beer.” and then that’s really the last thing i remember.

anyway, this could be a blowout, but i just wanted to tell that story about the pitcher of beer. i’m so cool i drink beer.

obama cabinet: like a drawn-out NFL draft

think about it. all the inside players know in advance what’s happening, and it’s only a surprise to the rest of us. people spend days/weeks obsessing over who is going to go where, and when they do get selected, it is scrutinized like crazy whether they’re the right pick. is rahm emanuel the jake long for nerds? and what about hillary clinton as a craftier matt ryan? they both went to boston-area colleges that aren’t harvard and were huge question marks for their respective positions/speculative future positions. if that’s the case, maybe hillary as sec state won’t be so bad.

i personally think this is the best analogy i’ve come up w/ yet.