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genetics are incredible

my dad and me

bro and mom

and damn my bro is cute.

all your child are belong to us

i am creepy and took pics with all my cousins and second cousins in town for the holidays. yes, i am related to all these children, even the white one. wow, we are so adorable.

a larger slideshow with all my holiday family pics.

check back for more later. at least two more family parties to go …

merry christmas michigan football

even in a down year, the go family remains loyal.

we still love you, even though this relationship has grown abusive.

ann arbor = titletown

check out the cute asian boy at the 2:43 mark.

who’s that hottie?


that’s my little bro.

courtesy of busted coverage, a skeevy site dedicated to half naked women and sometimes sports. the post was titled: “ESPN Rounds Up United Nation Of Dorks At UM”

ESPN was in Ann Arbor this week and was able to round up what appears to be every grad student who can’t afford to catch a flight home to Chiang Mai for the summer.

now that’s just offensive.

i’m baaaaaack

fresh from the foggy shores of san francisco, i return with stories of fourth of july antics and anthropomorphic animal statues. but first, a photo of me looking wistfully and patriotically at the golden gate bridge. i love america!

honestly, i’m too tired (read: redeye flight) to blog much more, but i felt as if i should get the good ol’ nubby fingers ready for my ironic take on a typical family vacay. i’m off to finish “atonement,” which i bought at the worst-ever airport bookstore. book’s pretty good, although i’m always embarrassed to carry around a novel that has the characters from the movie on the cover, but apparently that’s the only thing air passengers want to buy and read.

also sad is the fact this is the first time i’ll be using the “books” tag on this blog. yikes. gotta read more.

what i did on my 24th birthday

going to the WWII memorial and the air and space museum are awesome ideas. check out these hot pics:

what would make this complete is if i was pointing to where on my hand i used to live.

some chromo something or other image of my bro and i

if you combine that with the triple pig action–best birthday ever?

my christmas vacation

with a week to reflect upon my time at home, i can definitively say this is what i did over the holidays.

1. went to my palace, somerset mall. almost every day.

2. played guitar hero 3. until my wrist and fingers hurt.

3. watched movies
national treasure: so bad, it’s still bad.
enchanted: the excellent moral to the story was don’t get married after a day. or 5 years.
sweeney todd: if you like/tolerate musicals and excessive/gleeful blood and gore, this is excellent holiday fare.

4. hung out with babies. lots. of. babies. a small sampling

5. ate a lot

6. drank a little, mostly this:

7. played pictionary. can you guess what these are?

what are these scribbles? from left to right.
1. two interpretations of an ostrich.
2. next was “stake,” which was only guessed (by me) after the fangs were drawn in. big surprise there
3. let’s just say i froze up after the artist drew water, then a stick figure with huge boobs, then violently circled the crotch area. it’s obviously a bikini.
4. other attempts: wolverine, pacman, and the 7yo guessed spider. correct answer = crab