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an excellent way to get h1n1

Hundreds line up at Freedom Hill for H1N1 vaccinations

Hundreds of adults and children have bundled up in winter garb at Freedom Hill County Park in Sterling Heights, hoping to get vaccinated at the last H1N1 clinic in Macomb County this week.

Despite the numbers, the line has been orderly and has moved efficiently. About 3,000 doses are to be distributed by health workers at 45 stations.

this would be funny even if it weren’t glenn beck

but it’s funnier b/c it’s glenn beck.

why didn’t fox news test it out first? i mean, if you’re trying to make a dramatic point, how hard would it have been to throw a frog into hot water before you went on air?

if you couldn’t tell: sidewalk closed

outside work:

so many cones.

via russell.