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detroit is #1

and yes, in something good.

DTW is the best large airport based on customer satisfaction. those of us from detroit might find this surprising, considering the weird tunnel in mcnamara to get to the B and C terminals (i’m at the airport, not a lava lamp, thanks). but JD power and associates says so, and as a former expert on rankings, i know that rankings never lie.

in other news, two of my other most frequently used airports are LAX and PHL, both battling for last place. way to go team!

detroit: like the wild west

Tough times likely fuel bank heists

Aug. 18 was a particularly bad day: three holdups at three banks — Huntington Bank in Clinton Township and two Charter One Banks, one in Roseville, the other in Taylor.

Ray Roland, 34, who is accused of holding up the Huntington Bank, also faces charges in a spree that included a TCF Bank in Eastpointe on Aug. 17 and a National City Bank in Shelby Township on Aug. 19.

The most shocking robbery came Aug. 10, in which authorities say Ihab Maslamani held a gun that may have been used in a murder to a customer’s head during a holdup at the Flagstar Bank in Harrison Township.

“It could be family situations, but I think in this area, a lot could be the economy,” FBI Special Agent Sandra Berchtold said of what might motivate robbers.

it’s actually very surprising how many bank holdups still occur. i used to think it was a thing that happened in the 80’s.

culpepper says his goal is to win the NFC north

ok, daunte.

i think you’ve been drinking too much of rb kevin smith’s kool-aid, if you know what i mean.

my bold prediction: i am confident we will beat our record from last eyar.

bing = hope

i’m really happy it looks like dave bing will be the next detroit mayor. from what i’ve read, he’s a smart guy and mostly outside the detroit political machine. i dont’ see why anyone involved in detroit city politics (like the terrible city council/anyone associated w/ monica conyers) should ever ascend to the top. anyway, looking forward to see what he does.

most disturbing pic i’ve maybe ever seen

it’s not gory or disgusting. just haunting and awful. and the story that accompanies it is awful. i can’t post it on my blog b/c it would kill the party just a little too much. ugh.

Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant warehouse

It starts with a phone call made by a man who said his friend found a dead body in the elevator shaft of an abandoned building on the city’s west side.

“He’s encased in ice, except his legs, which are sticking out like Popsicle sticks,” the caller phoned to tell this reporter.

A colony of homeless men live in the warehouse. Wednesday morning a few fires were burning inside oil drums. Scott Ruben, 38, huddled under filthy blankets not 20 paces from the elevator shaft.

“Yeah, I seen him,” Ruben said. The snow outside howled. The heat from the can warped the landscape of rotting buildings and razor wire.

Did he know who the dead person was?

“I don’t recognize him from his shoes.”

Did he call the police?

“No, I figured someone else did,” he said.

“There’s lots of people coming through here with cameras and cell phones. I don’t got no phone. I don’t got no quarter. Things is tight around here.”

His shack mate, Kenneth Williams, 47, returned at that point with an armload of wood.

“Yeah, he’s been down there since last month at least.”

He was asked if he called the police.

“No, I thought it was a dummy myself,” he said unconvincingly. Besides, Williams said, there were more pressing issues like keeping warm and finding something to eat.

“You got a couple bucks?” he asked.

lions: 0-16


ack. detroit.

pretty amazing photo gallery at the remains of detroit.


lions thanksgiving liveblog

refresh for the latest lions commentary. i guarantee i give up before halftime, but i’ll try real hard anyway.

12:40: game starts
12:42: 2nd play of the game. lions fumble the ball. yup.
12:44: titans long run leads to titans touchdown. we are one minute and 30 seconds into this game. good god.
12:45: awesome cadillac commercial w/ lt. daniels from the wire in it. best thing of the game so far.
12:47: titans kick. take a knee. only way we’re gonna get 20 yards in one play.
**note: nice neon blue throwback jerseys. i like your style.
12:52: calvin johnson is long lean and beautiful. jason hanson is bald, pasty but also beautiful. best long-range kicker ever. (lots of practice). score = 7-3.
12:53: brother changes the channel to the xmen movie. ian mckellen, take that stupid hat off.
12:58: ugh. 55-yard run. “virtually untouched.” are you people F’ING SERIOUS?
**note: kerry collins looks just like greg germann, a quintessential “that guy.” you might remember him from talladega nights.

1:08: detroit three and out leads to titans ball AGAIN. omg titans with 100 yards rushing already. 10 minutes into the game.
1:15: why do we even pretend we have an offensive line? god i feel bad for daunte culpepper. 17-yard int td. 21-3.
**note: when these announcers have to do cheesy promos for shitty shows, do you think they want to die inside every time? “people are under the spell of simon baker. he’s so dreamy.”
1:23: harris w/ the 13yard pooch punt. oh wait. we’re on our own 10. damnit.
4:30: uh. woke up from a nap. what happened?
the end.