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tavi vs. terry

facebook has been taunting me with terry gross (of NPR fresh air fame) on my homepage, and every time i glance at that right-hand rail, i repeatedly think of tavi gevinson. anyone see the resemblance?

since i assume everyone who reads this is a nerd, you all know who terry gross is. but who is tavi? tavi is a 13yo fashion blogging wunderkind whose “style” has inexplicably served as muse for designers, and for a while there, she was kinda a big deal in the fashion world. she was like the justin bieber of fashion writing

the tavi phenomenon was particularly ridiculous because 1) her blogging was mediocre at best, and 2) her outfits sorta sucked. at age 11 when she started, she was definitely 5 years ahead of her time in writing ability. i’d even say she writes better than most adults. HOWEVER, no matter how impressive the feat for a newly minted tween, i still don’t want to read a spastic 16yo write about the stupid oversized sweater she wore over a clashing blazer with some ridiculous leggings and neon shoes.

secondly, her outfits are garbage. 11yo’s tend to be tiny, and tiny people have the luxury of wearing a ton of shit layered upon each other, and calling it an outfit. you know what happens when girls with big boobs try to do that? we look fat. when tiny people do it, they are muses. F THAT.

i’m a bit late on the tavi rant (she peaked a while ago), but this whole terry gross thing had me thinking about how stupid people can be. add another item onto that list.

shameless plug for a friend

i know this guy, loren, who quit his perfectly stable job, went on a 40-day road trip, “found himself,” and then decided to try to make money simultaneously selling joy and t-shirts to all.

this is loren in one of his shirts:

this is my favorite:

the mints look so happy!

i realize all the pics on the site are of geeky boys striking adorably vulnerable poses, but loren promises there will soon be pics of hot and sexy females promoting the shirts — because god knows the american people are incapable buying stuff not marketed by hot and sexy females.

anyways, buy a shirt if you want to support free spirits, small business, and america.

(loren: can i have my free t-shirt yet? a discount? just kidding …)

the michigan daily makes the wall street journal

apparently, steve & barry’s totally screwed the daily over in advertising dollars, and the wall street journal is on the case.

For those doing business with Steve & Barry’s, it has become hard to reconcile the hype with reality. As the chain was inking high-profile licensing deals and attracting national media acclaim, small vendors across the country — along with overseas apparel manufacturers — say they were going unpaid, or enduring months of lag time between payments.

For instance, Steve & Barry’s is no longer allowed to advertise in the University of Michigan student newspaper, The Michigan Daily. The company was the paper’s largest advertiser for the 2006-07 school year.

Newspaper business manager and University of Michigan senior Elaina Bugli said the retailer fell months behind on $36,000 in bills and still owes $20,326 for ads bought more than a year ago.

“It’s by far our largest unpaid debt. They owe us more than we set aside for all unpaid debts for the year,” Ms. Bugli said. Meanwhile, Steve & Barry’s is a prominent licensee of merchandise for the University of Michigan, which ranks fourth in collegiate apparel sales.

that shit sucks b/c writers’ paychecks are definitely based on ad sales. turns out it’s easy to run a low-cost retail chain when you don’t pay any of your bills. go figure.

high five to jack for the heads up.