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spotted: star trek alum

last night i saw grieg’s “peer gynt” piece at the kennedy center. it’s basically orchestral and choral music accompanied by a narrated story — and it was narrated by john de lancie, aka Q from star trek TNG, aka pseudo nemesis of the great jean luc picard!!!! i was thisclose to him, which is probably the best part of my week. i actually think this might be better than when the guy from ‘the wire’ was on.

and for all of you who feel compelled to comment something like “nerd” or “god, that’s so sexy,” please do yourself a favor and figure out what your inner pain is. thanks.

celebrity sighting: corey parker robinson

The Wire’s detective sydnor (who looked good in a suit and out of that under armour t-shirt) narrated copland’s “lincoln portrait” at the kennedy center tonight. as far as i know, this is officially the closest i’ve ever been to an actor from the wire, and i’m sure the geriatric crowd around me had no idea who this person was (“why couldn’t they get morgan freeman?”).

after the concert, i was forced to watch him snuggle w/ his grrl in the box seats (get a room), but at least they weren’t worse than the couple three rows up who were playing grab-ass and sucking face all through intermission. i think it’s cute when ugly people find each other, but i’d rather be punished with your inevitably ugly kid and not the freak nasty it takes to get there. at least the kid couldn’t help being homely.

in conclusion, i’m glad i wrote this post about a concert for a genre that no one listens to, which featured an actor from a show that barely anyone watches. if you made it this far, thanks for the support, friends.

i’d totally make out w/ this dude at orchestra camp

in between sectionals and awkward square dances, we could have complained about pachelbel’s canon in d together.


video via ben, who didn’t even play the cello.

obama/clinton and classical music

the only thing relating these two topics is that i have two stories about both from public radio.

1. a “management guru” from london talks about the U.S. presidency.

But, dare I say it, you have a small problem. The founding fathers have required you to elect a President who has to be both head of state and prime minister, the chairman and the chief executive. They are very different roles.

i think it’s clear that obama and clinton’s strengths are very different, and each seem to fill one of these roles better than the other. i guess the question is, what do you think the role of the president is? a chairman? or a CEO?

2. NPR says to listen to hard-to-find classical music on youtube. I’VE BEEN DOING THAT FOR MONTHS. for once, i’m ahead of the curve.