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happy chinese new year

it’s the year of the ox, or as my dad’s fave (and only) obama joke goes, it’s the year of the bull, aka the year of the bullshit.

republicans are so cute sometimes.

the year president bush took office? the year of the snake.
2008, that last year of bush’s term? the year of the rat.

underage chinese gymnast

instead of doing anything ridiculous for halloween, i’m laying low this year, which is unfortunate b/c i had the bestest costume idea ever. hearts will be broken that i’m not going out, but if you were wondering, here’s an approximation of what i might have looked like, just 8 inches taller and 60 lbs heavier.

fake footprints: didn’t we know this?

all the news media in the world is “reporting” that the footprint fireworks at the beginning of the olympics national ceremony were digitally faked:

While the dramatic display actually happened as portrayed on television, members of the Beijing Olympic Committee said it was necessary to replace live video with computer-generated imagery because the city’s hazy, smoggy skies made it too difficult to see, according to The Beijing Times, which first reported the story.

waitaminute, i would bet a donut that bob costas or one of the other announcers said this exact thing in his commentary as the ceremony was happening. something along the lines of “so basically this is nothing more than a very realistic animation.” can someone please confirm to me that i’m right? i suppose i’ll check the tivo myself.

also, china pulling a milli vanilli on us? not surprised, but not cool.