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school’s out!

meaning all the 15yo’s are at the beach, doing their teenager thing.
meaning i’m feeling old and kinda fat.
meaning my summer got a little less peaceful.

should i learn to surf?

“kimo” came up to me while i was walking and, among other random convo, asked if i wanted surfing lessons. here’s his card:

kimo sabe

notice the excellent cutting job at the top, and also that his office is the “3rd palm tree north of pier.”

i will get asthma

Why Eczema Often Leads To Asthma

Now scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have uncovered what might be the key to atopic march. They’ve shown that a substance secreted by damaged skin circulates through the body and triggers asthmatic symptoms in allergen-exposed laboratory mice.

Kopan’s findings suggest the problem starts with damaged or defective skin. The researchers found that cells in damaged skin can secrete TSLP (thymic stromal lymphopoietin), a compound capable of eliciting a powerful immune response. And because the skin is so effective in secreting TSLP into the blood system, the substance travels throughout the body. When it reaches the lungs, it triggers the hypersensitivity characteristic of asthma.

there has always been a known link b/w eczema and asthma, but not until this study is there a better understanding of that link. i have pretty severe eczema, so i’m pretty sure i’m doomed to form asthma. sonofa.

i am also allergic to the sun, which makes living in southern california not as awesome as you would all think. the internet tells me i have polymorphous light eruption:

PMLE is characterized by recurrent, abnormal, delayed reactions to sunlight, ranging from erythematous papules, papulovesicles, and plaques to erythema multiforme–like lesions on sunlight-exposed surfaces [that are not normally exposed to the sun].

sound nasty even if you don’t know what any of those words are? it is gross, and often radiates heat. (do not click this if you are squirmish. p.s. those are not my legs.)

apparently one treatment for severe PMLE is the use of thalidomide. you now the stuff in the 60s that caused thousands of babies to be born with flippers? great.

wii fit arrives

mom and dad sent me their wii fit for the summer. i love this game except for when it asks me to breathe deeply and i get a big lungful of secondhand marijuana smoke, it makes me miss DC and my oddly isolated apartment.

michigan vs california

am i crazy to think that michigan’s problems are actually less worse than california’s? obviously the numbers right now don’t reflect that, but it seems that michigan’s problems, besides detroit’s city governance, are very clear: the state needs more jobs, more economic growth.

california, on the other hand, is deeply dysfunctional and humungous. the government feebly tries to fix overcomplex system, and what happens?

Confused and bored by the wonky and tangled wording on the ballot, most voters ignored the election entirely. Those who did turn out rejected all measures except one that freezes legislators’ pay during budget-deficit years—a ritualised form of venting general anger.

the budget, which they haven’t been able to pass on-time in years, leaves state agencies near broke for months, and the number of ballot initiatives it puts forward each year is absurd (12 in 2008? what normal person can keep track of that?) california actually has viable industries, yet it still is in a severe budget crisis. plus, no one in michigan wants to split the state into four parts. i’d much rather be jennifer granholm than arnold swarzenegger.

holy crap where have i been?

wow. this might be the longest i’ve ever been away from blogging.

quick rundown of where i’ve been since last thursday.

friday-sunday: in the west virginia mountains rafting and camping and watching rednecks arm wrestle.


sort of looks like a mullet under that cap, but i think it’s just a stately ponytail.

sunday-monday: in philly looking for an apartment. saw 12 places in 7 hours. holla. decided on the roosevelt, which hopefully does not have rats.

tuesday-wednesday: packing. my life = 15ish boxes.

thursday: flying to LAX, chillin/napping in LA, and then eating an overpriced dinner next to this guy:

apparently he’s famous from west wing, but i know him from sports night and as the rich AA member on in plain sight. omg LA is so coooool.

friday: rest in newport beach.

saturday-sunday: san diego to see andy.

first we played volleyball with random dudes whose names were — no joke — dash, boat, and brass. and if you weren’t sure of their names or maybe just forgot, no worries! they had them tattooed on their back, chest, neck, whatever.

then, keeping it classy, we did a pub crawl, which included a bar with a electronic bull. can’t say i’ve ever seen this before:


if you can’t tell, that dude is definitely sporting a mullet. recap: no mullets in west virginia; many mullets in san diego. who woulda thunk it.

after watching a bunch of dudes ride the bull, the entire crawl ended up at a swanky rooftop bar above the hard rock cafe, where we accidentally stumbled upon a san diego chargers birthday party featuring the ying yang twins. wait. what? so here we have 300 peeps in matching t-shirts feeling awfully uncomfortable next to football players and scantily clad women. i was wearing a short dress w/ some cleave hanging out, but compared to most of the women there, i was looking downright nun-like. then there were these dudes dancing furiously to techno:


today (monday, memorial day) was luckily a day of rest, and hopefully enough to recharge me for regular blogging from here on out.

skunk is back, hopefully with tales of southern california absurdities.

where was alison over memorial day?

a hint.

i …

… was in LA and huntington beach all weekend (obviously).
… took the obligatory hollywood sign picture while hiking with jimmy and jessica.
… saw horses on that hike (pictured above).
… smelled their poop.
… never actually went to the beach, despite the fact i was staying in huntington beach.
… could go a long while without seeing slightly overweight, greasy-haired rich men with their very fit, blond wives and spoiled, well dressed children.
… saw a lot of hipsters.
… went to a bar that was so cool that it didn’t even need one location. or a sign.
… slept on an air mattress.
… ate a lot of delicious mexican food.
… bought new clothes because it was cold and rainy (unheard of!), and i was irresponsible and didn’t check the weather before i left, therefore packing completely inappropriately for the inclement weather.
… was trapped on a metro bus on the way to the dulles with 60 people and a homeless man who managed to vomit all over the floor with 25 minutes left in the ride.
… was trapped in the long beach airport starting at 9pm because of a foreboding “security problem” for an hour and a half.
… got sick.

overall, a good trip.