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chokefest 2008

michigan/ohio state game this weekend, and the line is ohio state by 20 1/2. my bet: michigan will not beat the spread.

the actual big ten game to watch (sort of): penn state vs michigan state. much like the suckfest that was the notre dame/michigan game early this year, this is the “who can choke the least” game. penn state is better and is favored by 15.5 points, but, well IOWA. and michigan state … remember that notre dame game in 2006 where the irish were losing by 16 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. i remember when they scored that first comeback TD someone saying, “if notre dame wins, we’re all going to drink a pitcher of beer.” and then that’s really the last thing i remember.

anyway, this could be a blowout, but i just wanted to tell that story about the pitcher of beer. i’m so cool i drink beer.

which state is most alcoholic?

check out this sweet graphic that ranks states based on their overall drunkenness.

interesting facts:
1. michigan is #24, right in the middle
2. wisconsin, home of the beast, is #1, not surprising since beer basically grows out of the concrete there.
3. alabama is #50, which i suppose is also not that surprising since they have some of the most ridiculous blue laws. then again, i also imagine there’s a lot of reason to want to drink in the lovely heart of dixie.
4. i’m impressed with RI, NH, and VT for bringing the pain at #7, #9, and #10. who woulda thought new englanders could drink like us from the midwest?

only funny b/c no one died

the first five paragraphs of this story are classic, so i’m going to bold every word that made me laugh out loud.

Boy, 12, faces drunken driving charge after crash

HARTMAN, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas preteen faces a drunken driving charge after he and a friend drank his parents’ beer, “got liquored up” and crashed his stepfather’s pickup truck, the Johnson County sheriff said.

Sheriff Jimmy Dorney said the 12-year-old boy and his 10-year-old friend drove off in the truck May 4 to find a girl they met at a rodeo. The boys made it about 10 miles before the 12-year-old lost control of the truck.

Dorney said the truck hit and jumped over a guardrail, sending it careening 50 feet down a steep hill into a forest.

Clark James, 46, who lives down the road from the crash site, said he answered the boys’ banging at his front door with shotgun in hand about 2:30 a.m.

“I opened the door and the first thing (the 12-year-old) said to me was, ‘I’m drunk and I had a wreck,'” James said. “I looked at him and I thought ‘You’re kind of young to be out drinking. And you sure shouldn’t be driving.'”

nice find, esteban.

if you had to pick one blog …

i would say, read this one: Stuff White People Like

#51 Living by the water
#46 The Sunday New York Times
#45 Asian Fusion Food
#44 Public Radio
#41 Indie Music
#39 Netflix
#37 Renovations
#36 Breakfast Places
#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report
#33 Marijuana
#29 80s Night
#24 Wine
#23 Microbreweries
#17 Hating their parents
#14 Having Black Friends
#11 Asian Girls

GREAT find, andy!