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goodbye, my love

battle my star

today is it. the last day of battlestar ever. i could write something elegiac and wonderful, but i don’t think it’d do it justice. i’m just going to mark its passing in time. like a death in the family. i should have taken bereavement leave.

where has skunk been?

working A LOT and watching tv. some tv highlights (work highlights? no such thing):

1. i’ve deleted “the closer” from tivo. boring. and chuck. i just don’t care about anything in that show.
2. burn notice, law and order franchises, criminal minds, life, and life on mars are all fine. like comfort food. gossip girl is a step up from these shows, and dan, you dirty dog, you.
3. “lie to me” is sort of ok. once i learn how to identify all liars, i will stop watching the show.
4. heroes: is it just me or was that last episode pretty good? looks like the writer who left to run “eli stone” (dearly departed, those bastards at ABC) is now back at heroes, and it’s good again. peter and mohinder still suck, but i was digging the xmen persecution stuff. derivative, but compelling.
5. 24 didn’t record this week b/c it was boxed out by “the closer.” this is why i deleted that show off tivo.
6. bones was excellent. deirdre lovejoy: you are not that attractive, but i will watch anything you’re in.
7. 90210 and privileged: two shows i have no business watching, but find enough snippets of joy to fastforward through the bad parts just to get to the gems. adriana, i love you.
8. and what’s with my fridays being totally blown up? i’m not making any weekend plans until the end of march.
literally my favorite 3 shows right now are friday night lights (i test the strength of an episode by counting how many times it makes me cry. last ep: 4 times!), battlestar galactica (6 eps left. GAH), and the sarah connor chronicles, which returns next week on this new night. then joss whedon’s highly anticipated (by me) “dollhouse” is set to launch next week, and suddenly fridays officially became the “kick the roommate out so i can watch tv in peace” night.

unfortunately fridays are where shows usually go to die. why can’t my tastes be more mainstream? better yet, why does everyone else in the world watch total crap? bah.

damn you simon/paula/randy/new girl.

wanted and wall-e reviews/recaps

reviews and recaps in 10 words or fewer.

recap: jolie crushes mcevoy. bullets curve. mcevoy becomes badass, crushes everyone.

review: gratuitously violent, but surprisingly funny. less dialogue, please.

4 stars.

questions for those who saw the movie: why are all assassins the same height? who would have thought mcevoy had a HOT BODY? a young edward norton? a mystical loom, really? who casted common as an assassin? why must there always be a nude angelina shot? (disclosure: i have not seen a mighty heart. too soon?)

recap: battlestar meets brave new world meets terminator, but for kids.

review: lovely love story. way too many fat people.

4 stars.

questions: why does eve remind me of japanese anime? did anyone else think “cast away?” why is that peter gabriel song so damn catchy?

i will probably get pilloried for giving these two movies the same star ratings (out of five), but after being visually and aurally assaulted during wanted, it was hard to focus on wall-e’s slower pace. maybe i’d think differently if i saw the robot movie first, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

if you’re wondering, i did a two-for-one double feature tonight–and, no, i didn’t find anyone to see wanted with me. i went alone. everyone else’s loss.

7 months until BSG returns? ack

starbucki feel compelled to write about battlestar galactica’s midseason finale, if only to try to proportionally represent my interest in this show within the total content of this blog. i unfortunately don’t write about it much b/c 1) i don’t want to spoil anyone who is behind 2) i don’t think too many of you watch it, and there are too many who never will, no matter how much i promote it.

for anyone who cares, i’ve compiled a quick list of reviews and links.

1. Entertainment weekly: On the Scene: ‘Battlestar Galactica”s mid-season finale screening

When a fan asked if it was okay for her to pencil in Laura Roslin as her vote for President, [Mary] McDonnell replied: “Only if I can have Hillary as my VP.”


2. tv squad: Jane Espenson on Battlestar Galactica’s mid-season finale

3. What’s Alan Watching?: Battlestar Galactica, “Revelations”: No sleep till Brooklyn
excellent analysis, without any of that recap filler. an excellent tv blog by a guy who is actually a pro newspaper tv reviewer. a good read for tv freaks out there.

thx paulo for the espenson interview and jack for introducing me to the sepinwall blog.

slowest day ever

this is all i will be thinking about all day.
the last supper
battlestar galactica. season 4 premiere. 10pm tonight
i’ve been preparing for this all week. do not try to call me. don’t bother asking me to go out.
frak yeah.