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the pacific

well this looks awesome:

this is the pacific ocean follow-up to band of brothers, the hbo WWII miniseries that literally changed the way i looked at life. vietnam was a big deal, but it wasn’t like this. around 2 million americans served in vietnam; 15 million served in wwII. i literally have not complained about the “plight” of my own generation ever since i saw this. when you think about what they went through 60-70 years ago, it’s almost embarrassing to feel sorry for yourself.

if you haven’t already, watch band of brothers. fall in love w/ damien lewis. watch this trailer. watch this miniseries when it comes out. i think i spotted chase from 24 and one of short-lived female detectives from law and order (the original) in the clip.

sweet find, mr. dailey.

freddie prinze on 24

freddie prinze jr, or who i like to call mr. sarah michelle gellar, will be head of field ops of CTU on 24. at the very least, i’d call this “creative casting.”

call me presumptuous, but i’d put my money on kiefer sutherland over freddie prinze in any competition. including a dance-off.

i’m looking forward to this trainwreck.

six degrees of blair waldorf

in honor of the best episode of gossip girl so far, i’d just like to indulge the blog in a mini version of my favorite celebrity game that i mostly play in my own head. the game goes something like this:
1. i watch tv/a movie
2. a character looks familiar to me
3. anywhere between 2 seconds to 2 weeks later, i recognize said character (omg. he was totally in that season 4 episode of buffy as that guy in the grocery check out lane.)
4. i feel really, really proud of myself
5a. i try to think of anyone who might also watch the two aforementioned linked shows/movies and text/email/im them
5b. or, since my tastes run to the obscure, i brag to anyone in the immediate vicinity of my pop culture intelligence and aptitude at recognizing faces, even if they don’t have a clue who i’m talking about.

this game gets especially tiresome for the people i’m around the most, and in dc, people tend to be culture retarded (enough w/ the lost and grey’s). all this just means that i slowly isolate myself into a pop culture bubble, never to be heard from again — that is until i’m overwhelmed and compelled to blog about my most recent revelation.

which brings me to GG’s (naturally blond) leighton meester as blair waldorf. she’s actually had bit parts in A LOT of tv shows — 7th heaven, house, law & order (but who hasn’t) — but three appearances gave me OMFG IMDB moments.
1. entourage: justine chapin, the britney rip-off virgin pop star who doesn’t have sex just like bill clinton didn’t have sex w/ monica lewinsky.
2. 24: debbie pendleton, the season 4 girlfriend of turkish terrorist spawn behrooz araz. she gets offed (why does this tea taste like bitter almonds?) for being nosy and white.
3. veronica mars: i won’t bother describing who she was in VM b/c absolutely no one will know what i’m talking about. i’ll just post video: