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those poor gingers

MIA’s new video is out (shout out to maura’s status), and everyone is going crazy over it.

the song is not really the point, and wow the video is disturbing. i can say i was not expecting the part in the beginning with the very naked fat man fornicating. this would probably be fine if it weren’t for the fact i’m sitting in a school study room where two HUGE computer screens face the hallway. like this:

hey esteemed peers! i watch fat people porn.

anyway, don’t watch the video unless you want to feel like throwing up.

caprica finale

holy crap. they def have not lost it. also, caprica seems to have brought all my favorite shows together:

1. scott porter aka jason streets from friday night lights
2. james marsters aka spike from buffy
3. polly walkeer aka atia from rome

i just need someone from the wire, and this show would be all set.

kelis, beyonce, gaga are wearing crazy shit

watching music videos instead of studying, i stumbled upon these two vids. why does every video feature women wearing bondage-y clothing with crazy hair? over it.

kelis – acapella: nothing like milkshake. probably a good thing.

beyonce – video phone ft. lady gaga: not a big fan of this song but entertainment weekly said i should watch this video, and i basically do whatever they tell me to. beyonce looks incredible in this, and gaga looks like a little girl playing dress-up.