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genetics are incredible

my dad and me

bro and mom

and damn my bro is cute.

because i can’t think of anything funny myself

firefox update un-updated

just upgraded my firefox and it obnoxiously changed the behavior of opening new links. before, when you clicked on a link, the new page opened to the far right of the tabs. now it opens in a new tab right next to the one you clicked from. now i see how you might like this behavior, but my tabs are ordered very specifically — gmail, calendar, todo list, google reader, everything else — and i can’t have tabs opening in the middle of this beautiful system.

luckily i’m awesome at googling shit, and figured out the fix.

1. easy fix
2. if you don’t know what about:config is

btw, about:config sounds sweet. gonna mess with it more to customize firefox. i want to change all readable text to comic sans. best font ever.

poor poor social work students (updated)

check out this amazing networking event at columbia university

Are you interested in a career in the Media industry? Still wondering what you want to do post-college? Media Networking Night is an exclusive opportunity for you to get the inside scoop on the industry from employers and alumni.

blah blah blah. but wait, this is my favorite part:

Eligibility: This event is open to all Undergraduate and Graduate students at Columbia University with the exception of the Graduate School of Social Work.

what did the graduate school of social work ever do to the media industry? i emailed liz king to find out. updates to come.

UPDATE: liz king wrote me back, and the reason for the social work exclusion is not that awesome. however, i still think it’s weird. text of her email below:

Dear Alison,

Thanks so much for your email. The only reason that Social Work does not attend is because they decided not to participate. I don’t believe they have had large student participation in the past so they didn’t participate this year.

Thanks so much!
Liz King

so the school of social work doesn’t have that much participation, but say, the med school does? weird.