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i went to sundance and all i got was smoldering hatred for politics

i’m taking 7 classes this quarter and am simultaneously looking for a dream job, hence the lack of blogging. however, even though i am super busy, i found time to go to park city, utah, with 600 of my closest wharton friends. and while everyone went skiing and drinking, i saw films, and of course, mostly geeky ones.

no time to really think this through, so i’m just going to spit out the stuff i saw as i remember it. my strategy was to avoid films that would see wide release, since i’d be able to see them anyway. instead, i tried to see movies that wouldn’t make it out of the film festival circuit, but were still half-decent. in the end, i saw 2 documentaries and 10 short films.

the fence: never have i shaken my head in disgust so many times than during 30 minute documentary short about the border fence b/w the U.S. and mexico. not only does it offend my ideological sensibilities, but it didn’t work. it keeps no one from trying to cross, but it does make it more dangerous. spending $1 billion on something that doesn’t do anything is infuriating. yesterday i bought a moisturizer for $10 and it doesn’t work. doesn’t moisturize. i was SO MAD. now multiply that by 100,000,000.

climate refugees: this feature-length documentary warns us all about all the people who will be displaced by climate change. watch the F out b/c the dark-skinned and/or slanty eyed people are COMING TO AMERICA b/c their home has been flooded/parched/ravaged by hurricane, etc. imagine inconvenient truth but even more manipulative and with distractingly flashy graphics.

on a related note, lester brown and barbara boxer were at the screening and participated in a Q&A at the end. everyone asks me about which celebrities i saw at sundance. i want to say that i saw lester brown, the leading authority on environmental sustainability, but no one will know what i’m talking about. and they will judge me. instead, i just say i saw jonah hill w/ a hot girl. i’m so ashamed.

tub: consider this insult: “man, you whack off so much in the shower, there are probably babies down in the drain.” then you make a short film about that. this series of events = tub.

logorama: french filmmaker takes hundreds of real logos and animates them in this logo-riffic alternate reality. big boy is an elementary school trouble maker, the aol guys roam the streets, and michelin men are cops. meanwhile, ronald mcdonald is a sociopathic, gun-toting lunatic (think, the joker). anyway, this whole animated ode to marketing and commercialization was a cute commentary on culture … until there was a huge earthquake in the story, and we get to see the ground split apart, buildings fall, and characters get crushed. worst. timing. ever.

not sure if anything else i saw was note worthy, so that’s all i’m writing for now.


this is almost a month late, but i thought i’d do ten words or fewer recaps of the half-dozen movies i saw over winter break. in no particular order…

avatar: imax sold out. saw regular. boo. blue people.
invictus: mandela. rugby. damon wears short shorts.
the blind side: white lady with nice ass saves giant black boy. ravens.
princess and the frog: first black princess turns into frog in first 10 minutes.
up in the air: clooney plays self. naked woman. dad next to me. awkward.
sherlock holmes: lame