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how do i wear these sort of ugly shoes?

i just got these keds leather boots for free (gave some feedback to some big deal guy at, and i don’t know what to do w/ them. they really straddle the line b/w ugly and cool. when worn under normal jeans, they look like orthopedic shoes. i did get them to look half-edgy when i wore them w/ tight black skinny jeans. any other ideas?


martha stewart: ‘whatever’

big martha was at school today speaking to a crowd of mostly undergrad wharton students. the whole thing started off terribly. she rambled on about her products (magazine, tv show, towels, macy’s, blog, twitter, etc.) and i didn’t go to listen to a 1.5-long commercial. luckily, there were highlights …

did you know?

1. that glitter is SO IN. martha stewart glitter is all sold out.
2. she blogs. her dogs blog. her dogs are in a feud w/ bill oreilly. martha stewart apparently thinks her dogs are real people. wtf. this is from the dogs’ blog …

3. did you know that people wash their sheets once a week? this from an unofficial poll of martha stewart’s twitter followers. i’m no statistician but …

best quotes:

1. “i’m really interesting.”
2. on rachel ray using the “every day” phrase: “whatever”
3. on going on letterman, and being spilled on (or something): “letterman was trying to distract me … not sexually.”
4. “i wrote my book right after prison”
5. how she describes the “mess” from five years ago, aka “when they should have been looking at mr. madoff instead of martha stewart.”

that last quote, i started an auditorium-wide slow clap. holla SEC.

and lastly, martha showed a clip of the “whatever, martha” show, where her daughter and annoying daughter’s friend watch old episodes of the “martha stewart show” and give it the “mystery science theater” treatment. the clip we saw was from a thai yoga episode, but here’s another episode i found. it’s not as funny, but whatev.

old penny

i just found a penny made in 1937 and the dork in me thinks it might be the best part of my day so far. it’s so old, it doesn’t even have the lincoln memorial on the back. instead it looks like:

it’s worth between 2 and 50 cents. at the bare minimum this penny just doubled in value to me.

ok, boring post over.