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very short tv review

best new shows:
glee: they’re actually singing!
the good wife: never a julianna marguellies fanatic, but she’s excellent in the show. plus, josh from sports night!
the vampire diaries: reminds me of buffy, but WHERE IS IT GOING? also, better than true blood. yeah i said it.
i also watch melrose place: i’m not really recommending it, but i feel the need to admit this out loud.

still watching:
bones, gossip girl, 90210 (with heavy emphasis on the fast-forward button), law and order, law and order SVU, criminal minds, lie to me, project runway, it’s always sunny, 30 rock, castle, and dollhouse.

i just added NCIS: los angeles b/c i’m oddly curious to watch chris odonnell and ll cool j catch criminals … no matter how boring the original NCIS is.

i’ve also heard good things about modern family but i just tried to tivo it and that time slot is already double booked. comedies get shafted by police procedurals any day.

5 Responses to “ very short tv review ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    community, damnit.

  2. Bailey said:

    Community, Glee, and the most recent episode of Parks and Recreation. And of course the Office is running strong this season.

    By the way, is anyone watching Caprica? Anyone?

  3. Coop said:

    Community’s decent, but not great in my mind. I think It’s Always Sunny isn’t as good anymore. No Flash Forward?

  4. sean dailey said:


    caprica hasn’t started yet. just the pilot is out.

  5. Alice said:

    The original NCIS boring? NEVER. If anything, stop trying to make NCIS: LA work out, it never will. Definitely not enough sexual tension or scathing sarcasm. Yeah, it takes a little getting used to, but Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly make it worthwhile. For me anyway.

    And yes to the guy up there somewhere who brought up Community. Joel McHale. Mmmm. Great show. Excellent.

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