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this guy is in every tv show i watch

garret dillahunt. he definitely looks like a garret:

just this week, he was a batshit husband on lie to me and then a pedophile on law and order: SVU.

last year he was also the bad robot on terminator: sarah connor chronicles, a serial killer/mad scientist on criminal minds, and a russian mobster on life. plus, he’s slated for appearances on burn notice and white collar, a new edition to USA’s lineup of light but tasty shows.

he’s probably playing a super bad guy in those shows, too.

and another TV update: NCIS: Los Angeles is pretty terrible. i like my crime shows with a dose of neurosis and sexual tension. none of that b/w LL and chris odonnell.

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  1. sean dailey said:

    he also played too separate characters on deadwood, jack mccall and francis wolcott. i think of him as a poor man’s peter krause.

  2. uggs on sale said:

    When I saw this show’s adverts, it didn’t snag me. But hearing the comparison to one of my all time fav shows== Remington Steele, I might just have to find this pilot online somewhere, or find out when USA is airing it again. Thank goodness for cable TV shows. They’re a breath of fresh air in a sea of CSI type shows that bore me to tears with their procedural stuff. I want characters, not just plot!

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