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an excellent way to get h1n1

Hundreds line up at Freedom Hill for H1N1 vaccinations

Hundreds of adults and children have bundled up in winter garb at Freedom Hill County Park in Sterling Heights, hoping to get vaccinated at the last H1N1 clinic in Macomb County this week.

Despite the numbers, the line has been orderly and has moved efficiently. About 3,000 doses are to be distributed by health workers at 45 stations.

consumer demographics

if you read enough about tv or movies or retail, you read a lot about the “desirable 18-49 demographic.” think about that for a second. there are 32 years included in that group. how is that meaningful segmentation? under that scheme, there was a point in time (7 years ago or so) where both me and my father were in the same demographic, and he definitely does not watch glee or vampire diaries.

and yet this is how we talk about ratings and consumer behavior. no wonder tv is doing so poorly.

this guy is in every tv show i watch

garret dillahunt. he definitely looks like a garret:

just this week, he was a batshit husband on lie to me and then a pedophile on law and order: SVU.

last year he was also the bad robot on terminator: sarah connor chronicles, a serial killer/mad scientist on criminal minds, and a russian mobster on life. plus, he’s slated for appearances on burn notice and white collar, a new edition to USA’s lineup of light but tasty shows.

he’s probably playing a super bad guy in those shows, too.

and another TV update: NCIS: Los Angeles is pretty terrible. i like my crime shows with a dose of neurosis and sexual tension. none of that b/w LL and chris odonnell.

very short tv review

best new shows:
glee: they’re actually singing!
the good wife: never a julianna marguellies fanatic, but she’s excellent in the show. plus, josh from sports night!
the vampire diaries: reminds me of buffy, but WHERE IS IT GOING? also, better than true blood. yeah i said it.
i also watch melrose place: i’m not really recommending it, but i feel the need to admit this out loud.

still watching:
bones, gossip girl, 90210 (with heavy emphasis on the fast-forward button), law and order, law and order SVU, criminal minds, lie to me, project runway, it’s always sunny, 30 rock, castle, and dollhouse.

i just added NCIS: los angeles b/c i’m oddly curious to watch chris odonnell and ll cool j catch criminals … no matter how boring the original NCIS is.

i’ve also heard good things about modern family but i just tried to tivo it and that time slot is already double booked. comedies get shafted by police procedurals any day.

so many women

a peek at my friday from last week:

spent 8-5 at the Wharton Women in Business Conference, where I did womanly things like network with women and learn about how awesome women are in business.

then from 5-8 i went to the first night of Philly Fashion Week. yes philly has a fashion week, and yes it was pretty lame.

then immediately after the show i went to a “girls’ night in” with the women in my cohort (a 70-person subgroup at wharton), where we drank wine and objectified men.

all this is to say that i spoke to one man in person the entire day: the bouncer at the fashion show. this is not what i expected business school to be like.

RIP ipod

it was a good 3 years, but my ipod kicked it HARD this morning. first there was the precipitous decline in battery life that started a couple weeks back. then this morning the thing was just done with life. it clicked. it shook. it showed me a sad face. i’ve honestly never held a more dead piece of electronics in my life.

goodbye. we had some good ones, especially the time you flew out of my pocket when i was riding my bike and you hit the concrete going 15mph. and then you continued to live for 6 months. amazing.

in other news, it’s super annoying that i can’t get 50ish gig ipod that isn’t an overpriced touch. instead i got this 16g puppy for $170:

it matches this blog, which i totally did on purpose.