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should i be embarrassed?

that i love taylor swift’s “fifteen?” and that i like (love?) her in general?

also, should i feel shame that i kind of like “glee?” it’s up against “criminal minds” and “law and order: SVU” (damn you jay leno), so i’m facing a difficult decision with my double tuner.

another note on “glee,” which might be the deciding factor: i can’t stand when high school shows feature teachers and relevant personnel who are too good-looking. for some reason i can suspend disbelief for other genres, but high school shows don’t get any leeway. i just think about my own high school experience and how the hot teachers would definitely be messing around w/ students. my mind is in the gutter.

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  1. Tom Harkin said:

    nah, she gets big props for her song writing skillz.

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