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i think mad men is overrated

there. i said it. it’s boring, and the people are boring and sort of irredeemable. and did i mention that nothing happens? i see how it qualifies as “good,” and i can recognize the good writing and acting, but nothing about the show makes me want to watch the next episode. see betty draper? that’s what i look like when i watch mad men. and i make liberal use of the fast-forward button on my tivo.

a special friend of mine made some comment relating to this show about how culture is awash with anti-heroes nowadays. that may be true, but there aren’t actually any anti-heroes in this show (maybe heroines? but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion). everyone kind of just sucks as human beings. kind of like how it’s super boring to watch infallible and unstoppable superman, it’s pretty boring to watch flawed people make mistakes and screw others over again and again.

honestly, i just want a space ship to blow up. or perhaps an impending apocalypse. that’s when the real fun starts.