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internet commenters are the best

i love people who comment on stories on and are like “who cares about jon & kate?” and “this isn’t news. you people are losers.”

1. um, no, it’s not news. but we are on the entertainment weekly website. no emphasis on “weekly.”
2. if no one should care about jon or kate or whoever, then why are you commenter #47 on this story? it means you cared enough to click on the story, read at least the headline, and then go out of your way to talk about it. people need to think.

all that being said, i love reading EW comments. almost as much as reading comments on

5 Responses to “ internet commenters are the best ”

  1. Bailey said:’s comments are often better than the lame facebook posts.

  2. Scott said:

    Nothing will top reading comments on, especially if that’s part of what you’re paid to do.

  3. Andrew said:

    This blog post is lame, it’s not even news. You people are lewsers 4 reading it. Who cares about Skunkgal anyway?

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