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i think mad men is overrated

there. i said it. it’s boring, and the people are boring and sort of irredeemable. and did i mention that nothing happens? i see how it qualifies as “good,” and i can recognize the good writing and acting, but nothing about the show makes me want to watch the next episode. see betty draper? that’s what i look like when i watch mad men. and i make liberal use of the fast-forward button on my tivo.

a special friend of mine made some comment relating to this show about how culture is awash with anti-heroes nowadays. that may be true, but there aren’t actually any anti-heroes in this show (maybe heroines? but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion). everyone kind of just sucks as human beings. kind of like how it’s super boring to watch infallible and unstoppable superman, it’s pretty boring to watch flawed people make mistakes and screw others over again and again.

honestly, i just want a space ship to blow up. or perhaps an impending apocalypse. that’s when the real fun starts.

5 Responses to “ i think mad men is overrated ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    i sorta agree with you. i’ve been slacking this year with the show. maybe i’ll catch it on netflix, but right now i’ve more or less lost interest.

  2. Tom Harkin said:

    I kinda appreciate Mad Men’s attempt to be all artsy and shit with lighting and furniture and all the period props, but I agree with you that there’s nothing particularly compelling about it. I’d rather spend 30 minutes watching the pure candy entertainment fluff known as Entourage. Or watching Dexter. Actually, come to think of it, maybe my problem with Mad Men is that far from being anything new or revelatory it’s really just a stale recycling of the cultural lessons we’ve learned about the 1960s over and over again and therefore doesn’t actually say anything new.

  3. alison said:

    all of the above?

  4. Woo said:

    Well if you watch as much I do everything else seems dull and same. This show is actually the only show I can watch right now. I have to watch the show at least two or three times to get most of the information to judge or speculate next episode. Don’t get me wrong other TV shows I watch is different and funny but it doesn’t really give me that satifaction after each episode. Every episode leaves great amounts of suspense to the next episode… I don’t know how you can miss it. anyways that was my tiny little penny. you should really pay attention to people and their behaviors it’s really great to watch the show. Check for Cooper’s office for objects and combine it with his personality and why it’s there in the first place. Have fun.

  5. DM said:

    all of the above?

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