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telling geese who’s the boss


internet commenters are the best

i love people who comment on stories on and are like “who cares about jon & kate?” and “this isn’t news. you people are losers.”

1. um, no, it’s not news. but we are on the entertainment weekly website. no emphasis on “weekly.”
2. if no one should care about jon or kate or whoever, then why are you commenter #47 on this story? it means you cared enough to click on the story, read at least the headline, and then go out of your way to talk about it. people need to think.

all that being said, i love reading EW comments. almost as much as reading comments on

law and order: jeff goldblum

um. they are firing vincent d’onofrio and kathryn erbe from law and order: criminal intent because they like goldblum’s more lighthearted style? are you serious? i was excited when they hired goldblum, but not anymore since he is TOTALLY STEALING THE SHOW AWAY AND DESTROYING IT.

i’m trying to think of the proper analogy here. it’s like the fun and charismatic obama stealing the democratic ticket from the old workhorse clinton. BUT THIS IS WORSE THAN THAT. b/c that was an actual competition. this feels like a coup. like goldblum swilled some scotch with dick wolf and was like, “you know that d’onofrio? kind of fat. kind of dour. i’m your guy,” as he cocked his head back and crossed his legs effeminately.

this is about as upset as i’ve been since monday when my fantasy team lost in a ridiculous comeback at the hands of ronnie brown and dallas clark. devastating. i am devastated.

this would be funny even if it weren’t glenn beck

but it’s funnier b/c it’s glenn beck.

why didn’t fox news test it out first? i mean, if you’re trying to make a dramatic point, how hard would it have been to throw a frog into hot water before you went on air?

i think i have swine flu

not confirmed, but 80% sure since there have been multiple confirmed cases of h1n1 at wharton.

sadly, assuming i do have swine flu, this is not the most sick i’ve been in the past year. not even top 3.

should i be embarrassed?

that i love taylor swift’s “fifteen?” and that i like (love?) her in general?

also, should i feel shame that i kind of like “glee?” it’s up against “criminal minds” and “law and order: SVU” (damn you jay leno), so i’m facing a difficult decision with my double tuner.

another note on “glee,” which might be the deciding factor: i can’t stand when high school shows feature teachers and relevant personnel who are too good-looking. for some reason i can suspend disbelief for other genres, but high school shows don’t get any leeway. i just think about my own high school experience and how the hot teachers would definitely be messing around w/ students. my mind is in the gutter.

detroit: like the wild west

Tough times likely fuel bank heists

Aug. 18 was a particularly bad day: three holdups at three banks — Huntington Bank in Clinton Township and two Charter One Banks, one in Roseville, the other in Taylor.

Ray Roland, 34, who is accused of holding up the Huntington Bank, also faces charges in a spree that included a TCF Bank in Eastpointe on Aug. 17 and a National City Bank in Shelby Township on Aug. 19.

The most shocking robbery came Aug. 10, in which authorities say Ihab Maslamani held a gun that may have been used in a murder to a customer’s head during a holdup at the Flagstar Bank in Harrison Township.

“It could be family situations, but I think in this area, a lot could be the economy,” FBI Special Agent Sandra Berchtold said of what might motivate robbers.

it’s actually very surprising how many bank holdups still occur. i used to think it was a thing that happened in the 80’s.

district 9 and inglourious basterds

since i am delaying my homework, i’ll just write about the last two movies i saw.

apparently i’m on a violent kick. or maybe i’m trying to prove my masculine street cred in b-school. both were perfectly good action movies. i recommend both as long as you don’t mind various body parts being blown up and blood splatter on the camera lens.

more importantly, quentin tarantino isn’t completely obnoxious w/ his pretension in inglourious basterds. but i do suggest he seek some type of therapy.

and it’s official, diane kruger cannot act, even in her native tongue. i guess lessons from nicholas cage on the set of national treasure didn’t do her much good.