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8 things i learned in business school so far

1. finance people aren’t so bad. you just got to find the ones who read books.
2. they are especially not that bad when they think i’m the coolest since i know stuff about rankings.
3. black monday has nothing to do w/ the great depression. it is the monday after thanksgiving when everyone comes back to school without boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives. also, apparently “MBA” stands for “married but available.” it’s a joke. get it?
4. the derivative of e^x = e^x.
5. whartonites have a serious inferiority complex to harvard business school. meh. over it.
6. splitting the check w/ b-school peeps is the best. everyone is good at math.
7. getting a beer at the bar with b-school peeps is the worst. everyone is super aggressive.
8. networking is exhausting. how many people named jenny lee can you meet in a day?
9. by far the coolest thing i learned was that brazilian passports are really valuable on the black market. brazil is very diverse, and apparently it’s believable to see any race on a brazilian passport. that’s just cool.

UPDATE (10:30pm): someone smarter than i am has pointed out that although this post is titled “8 things i learned …” i actually listed 9 things. meh, so i guess i don’t split the check ever.

4 Responses to “ 8 things i learned in business school so far ”

  1. Chris said:

    All good. I would add two more things:
    1. I don’t need to know everything. I just need to know where to find it/look it up/reference it.
    2. I will hire an accountant.

  2. N. Schwab said:

    Getting a beer at the bar with reporters is the best. I’ll be in town August 21. But don’t expect me to be able to split the check.

  3. Tom Harkin said:

    Come back to U.S. News. We can teach you a thing or two about number-heavy headlines.

  4. S. Monsell said:

    Here’s an e^x joke for you:
    perhaps it will come in handy…

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