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why i fear the roethlisberger rape allegation

celebrity rape trials make people say stupid things. they create media shit shows. and no matter the outcome or the truth, all the other rape victims out there come out as losers.

celebrity rape trials are times of great cognitive dissonance, inspiring people (usually rabid fans) to repeat damaging rape tropes (in hopes of defending their living jesus): she’s lying. she’s crazy. she wants revenge. she wants attention. she was asking for it. and my favorite: so-and-so can have any woman he wants; why would he rape someone?

maybe this is just the fringe, but it’s there. and maybe it’s the truth in one case or another (duke lacrosse. UGHHHHHHHHH), but for the majority of cases, none of those scenarios is usually true.

rape has a similar rate of false reports when compared to other crimes. that is, people lie about rape about as often as they lie about being robbed, attacked, etc., which is to say, not that often. and lets not forget that rapists’ actions have nothing to do w/ the scarcity of sex, and everything to do with control, power, and misogyny.

but reality has never stopped the masses from creating a damaging atmosphere. i really don’t care about the one bonehead who says something ignorant in the checkout line. i do care when victims hear it, and start believing it. this is assuredly the start of another sad chapter where just about everyone loses.

2 Responses to “ why i fear the roethlisberger rape allegation ”

  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    This post just raped my mood.

  2. Tom Harkin said:

    One clear winner: Bonnie Erbe

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