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take that, macroeconomics

macroeconomics has been taking a beating recently, with critics saying “that macro and financial economists helped cause the crisis, that they failed to spot it, and that they have no idea how to fix it.”

macroeconomics was the only advanced placement test i bombed — and maybe it’s because my 11th-grade self subconsciously knew it actually made no sense. i was ahead of my time.

3 Responses to “ take that, macroeconomics ”

  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    I liked AP classes because the kids in them thought i was funny.

  2. LA Cochran said:

    Natural born leader. That’s what you are.

  3. The Peanut Gallery: 7/20/2009 « The Sad Elephant said:

    […] To Much Skunk in Your Junk is vindicated. “God bless Twitter, aka ‘man’s greatest achievement,’ for enabling ordinary citizens to combat MSM smear campaigns against political heroes such as Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whose entire political reputation emanates from deep within her thick, shiny hairdo.” […]

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