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summer tv drama

i am waging an epic war against my tivo right now. apparently, if your cable provider says you need a cable box to receive channels, you also need to be mildly autistic to install a tivo.

what’s most frustrating is that it doesn’t have to be this way.
1. maybe i’m getting a fancy service right now, but in dc i got the same # of channels and i didn’t need a cable box. why do i need one now? i have some on demand nonsense, but i didn’t ask for it. i wanted the absolute most basic that would allow me to get TNT and USA. that is all.
2. ok so i have a cable box. then why do i need 4 extra parts (not including the cable and tivo boxes) to make this happen? if this weren’t CRAZY WORLD, i imagine it should only take one extra coaxial cable. it should be look like wall->wire->cable box->wire->tivo->wire->tv. instead i have to draw out the layout by hand (and i did it wrong anyway; missing one wire connecting the tivo to the tv):


or if you prefer the real thing:


turns out i’m missing one of the many connectors i need (shocker), and to make it more awesome, it’s custom-made by tivo. i also spent $5 to ship a stupid $7 wire that is probably the size of a twizzler.

no fear, i’ve still been watching tv anyway. like a glutton for punishment, i finished off the rest of kings on hulu and am just plain depressed that it’s been canceled. i still highly recommend; just treat it like a long miniseries and try not to think of what could have been.

i caught the first two episodes of true blood and am astonished that people watch this show. i’ve heard that the 2nd and 3rd seasons are different and better, but i don’t think i can suffer through more of this for an uncertain payoff. buffy was pretty rough the first season, but at least i liked the characters. these people on true blood are brutal, and not in a good way. and a note to HBO: we get it. people have sex and you want to be the king of verisimilitude or whatever. but when you have naked people humping all the time, i start to think that you just ran out of interesting story and decided to keep our attention by showing us a lot of bare ass. OVER IT.

i’d also like to acknowledge that i’ve seen one episode of gene simmons family jewels and could not have enjoyed myself more. it’s the male rocker version of kimora: life in the fab lane, which i love because that lady is crazy and fierce. incidentally, they have the same last name, but i’m pretty sure they’re not related.

next up: i plan to finish season 1 of dollhouse. i was so sure that the show would get canceled that i gave up and stopped watching after 7 episodes, even though everyone said it got better. turns out, it lives on, and now i have to catch-up. and fox, i’m still mad at you for axing the sarah connor chronicles.

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    You need a bigger version of your diagram.

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