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quick stop in dc

before i move to philly on friday. omfg.

newport beach is pretty and all, but it’s nice to be back in dc where …

the plants are green
the girls are pale
the boys are flabby
the hours of happiness are intense
the food is greasy
and chipotle is the best “mexican” you can find.

i’ll miss it here.

2 Responses to “ quick stop in dc ”

  1. Mike said:

    In Philly…

    the plants are sparse
    the girls are flabby
    the boys are flabby
    the hours of when crime occures are 24/7
    the food is even more greasy (voted city with most unattractive people)
    and grease trucks in Campus City are actaully the best you’ll find.

  2. alison said:

    oh yeah, and the mosquitos are BRUTAL.

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