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i am not good at compound interest

i’m trying to cram for a math waiver exam tonight and i realize how not natural this is for me. i used to think i liked math, assigning a hyper-rational, equilibrium-is-good quality to it. “i like math because it’s beautiful!”

but now i’m pretty sure i liked math because my ego and competitiveness dictated it. i liked math because i was in the 99th percentile at it, not because it represented balance and art or whatever math majors say. now that the majority of people around me have actually done it in the past 7 years and i hover around the 72nd percentile, math is looking pretty sucky. not to mention that business math seems to linger on concepts that i never fully grasped (logs, e, etc.), i’m thinking this waiver exam is not going to waive much of anything. at least i understand calculus.

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  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    Hopefully this cheers you up. I have no idea what it is.

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