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murder in dc: this shit is crazy

washington post chronicles the extremely strange murder case of robert wone, who was killed while staying with friends in their dupont circle home. it’s a two-part series: part I, part II.

i’m spoiling the end here, but read the whole thing (especially if you like crime stories) because it’s ridiculous.

Page 12: “The evidence demonstrates that Robert Wone was restrained, incapacitated, sexually assaulted and murdered.”

Restrained . . . in a way that halted his breathing long enough to cause the petechial hemorrhages. The affidavit uses the example of an attacker “placing a pillow over” someone’s face.

Incapacitated . . . by an injection, while being restrained. To investigators, the clean wounds (which Goslinoski said had been “methodically” inflicted) indicated that Wone neither struggled nor flinched in pain during the stabbing, meaning he was unconscious or paralyzed. Questioned by detectives, Kathy Wone said her husband had no medical appointments in the days before Aug. 2 that might have accounted for the premortem needle marks on his body.

Injected with what? No lab finding so far. In court recently, Kirschner said toxicologists would soon conduct a final test, using up the one remaining milliliter of Wone’s blood. As for what they hoped to find, the prosecutor said: “It’s a little bit of a shot in the dark. . . . All of this is a little bit speculative, quite frankly.”

Sexually assaulted
. . . while incapacitated, before the stabbing.

As for the semen on and in Wone’s body being his own, Kirschner explained at a court hearing how investigators think the alleged assault occurred. “The government has now, courtesy of experts, learned a lot more about electro-ejaculation than frankly this counsel ever knew,” he said. “And there was, indeed, an electrocution unit in Mr. Ward’s bedroom that can produce electric ejaculation of a person who is under anesthetic or otherwise incapacitated.”

And murdered
. . . . after which came the alleged coverup, detailed in the affidavit and in a subsequent indictment charging the men with obstructing justice (punishable by up to 30 years in prison) and the lesser crimes of conspiracy and evidence-tampering.

The housemates, “individually and in combination,” washed the victim, cleaned the guest room and neatly remade the bed, the indictment alleges. Then they “placed the body of Robert Wone” atop the turned-down sheets and comforter.

i can’t wait to see the law and order episode based on this. what’s striking is that this murder occurred in august 2006, and they didn’t make an arrest until october 2008 (not even for murder, but rather obstruction). real life is so much more tedious than fake life.

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  1. jina said:

    my former boss/landlord actually wrote for a blog that strictly focused on this murder. he had told me to check it out months ago, and i was captivated, as well!

  2. jina said:

    additionally, as strange as this may sound – this murder kind of has a certain “cult following” within the dc gay community. i know because i have many gay besties. it’s often the topic of conversation late-night on 17th street. as morbid as this sounds…i kinda love this kinda stuff.

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