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larry page, not eric schmidt

oops. in a previous post, i mistakenly implied google chairman/ceo eric schmidt was going to be the commencement speaker at michigan’s graduation. i got my google peeps mixed up, b/c it was actually larry page who spoke. my bad.

one sentence review: not bad … for a geek.

tech guys are usually terrible speakers (craiglist’s craig newmark spoke at berkeley last year. he purposefully did not write a speech, and surprise, sucked harder than anyone i’ve ever seen in the hundreds of commencement speeches i’ve watched), but at least larry page was adorable, talking about his father and the michigan legacy that he is (page graduated from the engineering school back in the day). i don’t think page has ever been known for his oratory skills, but at least he was coherent. resounding praise, i know.

2 Responses to “ larry page, not eric schmidt ”

  1. Ben said:

    Went to see this. I like that he brought a hammer with him. Next year’s speaker: Gallagher.

  2. alison said:

    wait you were there? wtf? why didn’t we meet up?

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