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solution to the illegal immigration problem

hey people,

are you still concerned about the immense flow of illegal immigrants from mexico, et al?

the crappy economy has taken care of that:

Economic Crisis Slows Migration

For the first time in a generation, since officials began to tally accurate records, the Mexican government reports a dramatic, sustained decline in the number of Mexican migrants going to the United States. The most recent count found that 186,000 fewer Mexicans left for other countries in 2008, compared with the previous year, a precipitous 22 percent drop, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

and here i thought the solution would be to help mexico. much easier has been to destroy the US economy.

thank you tina brown

i don’t read daily beast, but this singular contribution justifies its existence.

sotomayor: the movie (slideshow)

which actors would play the supreme court justices? i couldn’t think of a better scalia.

GOP and the supreme court

freddie prinze on 24

freddie prinze jr, or who i like to call mr. sarah michelle gellar, will be head of field ops of CTU on 24. at the very least, i’d call this “creative casting.”

call me presumptuous, but i’d put my money on kiefer sutherland over freddie prinze in any competition. including a dance-off.

i’m looking forward to this trainwreck.

holy crap where have i been?

wow. this might be the longest i’ve ever been away from blogging.

quick rundown of where i’ve been since last thursday.

friday-sunday: in the west virginia mountains rafting and camping and watching rednecks arm wrestle.


sort of looks like a mullet under that cap, but i think it’s just a stately ponytail.

sunday-monday: in philly looking for an apartment. saw 12 places in 7 hours. holla. decided on the roosevelt, which hopefully does not have rats.

tuesday-wednesday: packing. my life = 15ish boxes.

thursday: flying to LAX, chillin/napping in LA, and then eating an overpriced dinner next to this guy:

apparently he’s famous from west wing, but i know him from sports night and as the rich AA member on in plain sight. omg LA is so coooool.

friday: rest in newport beach.

saturday-sunday: san diego to see andy.

first we played volleyball with random dudes whose names were — no joke — dash, boat, and brass. and if you weren’t sure of their names or maybe just forgot, no worries! they had them tattooed on their back, chest, neck, whatever.

then, keeping it classy, we did a pub crawl, which included a bar with a electronic bull. can’t say i’ve ever seen this before:


if you can’t tell, that dude is definitely sporting a mullet. recap: no mullets in west virginia; many mullets in san diego. who woulda thunk it.

after watching a bunch of dudes ride the bull, the entire crawl ended up at a swanky rooftop bar above the hard rock cafe, where we accidentally stumbled upon a san diego chargers birthday party featuring the ying yang twins. wait. what? so here we have 300 peeps in matching t-shirts feeling awfully uncomfortable next to football players and scantily clad women. i was wearing a short dress w/ some cleave hanging out, but compared to most of the women there, i was looking downright nun-like. then there were these dudes dancing furiously to techno:


today (monday, memorial day) was luckily a day of rest, and hopefully enough to recharge me for regular blogging from here on out.

skunk is back, hopefully with tales of southern california absurdities.

last day at work

i worked my ass off today. wtf.

procrastinating till the end.

star trek review

instead of slumming it with b-list celebrities, journos, and politicians at the white house correspondents dinner saturday night, i went ahead and watched star trek instead.

awesome decision.

it’s been a long time since i’ve visited any of the star trek franchise (probably nemesis? 2002?), but like any good historical fiction, it has me scouring trek fan sites and wikipedia trying to piece together the mythology i’ve mostly forgotten. without giving away any plot points, this is mostly not important for the understanding of the movie, but it was just so good that i wanted to remind myself of why i ever liked trek in the first place.

that being said, non-trek fans should still see this film. unlike the 10 before, this is not a “star trek movie.” it’s a solid movie that happens to have star trek characters in it.

not too shabby, jj abrams. but i’m still not going to watch lost.

vaccines, jenny mccarthy, playboy

jenny mccarthy is an anti-vaccine advocate (vaccine critic?). people like her who don’t vaccinate their children are stupid and are a threat to the populace, but what really pisses me off about this whole mccarthy/vaccine thing is the way mccarthy (who, i repeat, is totally wrong) is often described in articles:


It has had a particularly strong life on the Internet, including the heavily trafficked Huffington Post, and in pop culture, where it is supported by actors including Charlie Sheen and Jim Carrey, former Playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy, and numerous others.


Jenny McCarthy begs to differ. McCarthy dropped out of nursing school in 1993 to become a Playboy bunny and later starred in an MTV show that focused on her bodily functions. She believes that vaccines made her 7-year-old son autistic—and that she “recovered” him with alternative therapies, as she details in her parenting books.


There was not much in Jenny McCarthy’s early career as a Playboy model and MTV star to suggest that she would become a passionate advocate for family issues, children’s health and autism awareness.

abc news:

Amy Pisani, executive director of ECBT, says she hopes Peet’s advocacy is “a 100 percent antidote” to the position of former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy’s position that the current vaccine schedule places children at a higher risk of developing autism.

shockingly, usnews, the latimes, and the ny daily news manage to write a story about jenny mccarthy without mentioning her playboy stint 16 years ago.

the time and discover descriptions are the worst of the bunch. why do jim carrey and charlie sheen not have descriptors in front of their names besides “actors?” i believe mccarthy can accurately be described as an “actress” right now, and it sounds like the author is mostly amusing himself by being able to get “playboy” into his science piece. if the writer wants to kill the credibility of all celebrity anti-vaxxers, why doesn’t sheen get the the hit job treatment either? i do believe he was a loyal heidi fleiss customer and a coke addict, making him a pretty shitty authority on vaccines.

the time one is even more stupid. a playboy playmate can’t ever become a “passionate advocate for family issues, children’s health and autism awareness?” even if they’re having children 16 years after they were a model? women who do dumb things when they’re young can’t ever be expected to become good moms later? things change when people grow up and have kids. not that surprising.

it’s perfectly valid to point out mccarthy has a credibility problem. she’s not a scientist, a doctor, or anything that gives her any authority to talk about a public health issue like wide-scale vaccination. it’s even ok to call her “just an actress” (which is what she is, right now). but her occupation in 1993 is pretty irrelevant, and it’s just another annoying way that women’s sexuality gets woven into unrelated narratives. just another way to snicker at women that men don’t have to deal with.

/feminist rant