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tv update

been gone for many weeks and i’ve finally caught up with almost all my shows. still behind on kings and terminator.

1. finally watched the finale for friday night lights. i like to joke that i can gauge the quality of an FNL episode by how many times i cry. too bad the finale was just one long sustained cry for me, punctuated by commercials watched in superfast mode. the set up for next season is fantastic and really deals well with the whole “everyone is graduating” problem. grade: A.

2. word is that life is probably going to get canceled. that sucks. this is jay leno’s fault, for taking up all the 10pm spots on NBC. who wants talk show BS at 10pm? no one. and who wants it to be jay leno? idiots. life finale: A-; NBC decisions: F.

3. watched two episodes of southland and i was impressed enough by ben mckenzie, but i find the bleeped out swear words way too distracting. why write cuss words into the script, and then bleep them out? my working theory is that this show was made for a different network, perhaps cable or premium cable, but then got picked up by NBC, and had to be cleaned up. can anyone confirm or deny? show: B; script planning: D-.

4. law and order: criminal intent is back, with jeff goldblum playing a jollier version of vincent d’onofrio. i’m kind of annoyed w/ the eccentric male paired with the stone-faced female partner, but i forgive l&o b/c goldblum is so badass. i’d just like to see the flighty female lead detective with an uptight male partner at some point. it’s the scully/moulder dynamic, and i’m sick of it. d’onofrio: A- (for getting fat); goldblum: A; show: B+.

5. speaking of unhinged women, in plain sight is back. no one watches this show, but they should b/c fred weller’s character holds the whole ship together. weller: A+; show: B.

6. anyone watch my boys? i obviously can relate to the lead character’s mantourage, and the midwestern feel makes me wistful. i like talking cap and trade, but sometimes conversing about nothing is comforting, too. the midwest: A; show: B+.

7. bones is awesome, as usual. i hear bones and booth have sex in an upcoming episode. oddly, i’m not looking forward to that. show: A.

8. i got three episodes behind on 24, so instead of actually watching them, i read the great synopses on the FOX site. can’t beat plot descriptions like this: “She questions what he’s talking about. “You’ll find out,” he says mysteriously as he is led away.” why even watch tv? show: B; recaps: B+ (for time saved).

9. for some reason, i watch lie to me and criminal minds. these shows are mediocre, at best, yet i just wanted to put it out there if someone else had commentary. ::crickets:: both shows: B-.

10. i still watch reaper, but the show is starting to suck. i was definitely not into the whole subplot about the dude lusting after his FOB stepsister. just made me uncomfortable on so many levels. FOBs = uncomfortable. incest = uncomfortable. ick. subplot: D-; show: B-.

11. lastly, i’ve deleted heroes and 90210 from tivo completely. the episode of 90210 where annie is annoying as usual, silver screens a glorified sex tape then wants to burn down her teacher’s house, and naomi goes drag racing has “jump the shark” written all over it. then i heard tori spelling is planning an appearance, and i’m so out of there. heroes just kind of has sucked for a while.

and that’s it. expect more about kings and terminator later.

6 Responses to “ tv update ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    your thoughts on caprica?

  2. alison said:

    shit. haven’t watched it yet. digital download sonofa.

  3. Coop said:

    I disagree about Reaper, the show has been great lately, the FOB hasn’t been in the last episode or two. I have about 7 Heroes episodes on my DVR, should I even bother watching them? I’m thinking not.

  4. alison said:

    i mean, i continue to watch reaper (liked the last ep a lot), but seriously, that subplot was horrible. prime fast-forward material.

  5. allen said:

    Looking forward to your thoughts on TSCC. I won’t spoil.

    On a related note, I have placed the following book on my “must read” list, if only for its title.

    Terminator and Philosophy: I’ll Be Back, Therefore I Am

    It also has awesome cover art: a philosopher (Descartes?) with one eye replaced with a glowing red orb.

    I flipped through it at Borders last weekend (try doing that with a 6 y/o and a 3 y/o in tow), and it looks like really interesting reading. It hits on all the stuff that makes the movies, as well as the show, so awesome. I mean, besides the explosions and stuff.

  6. Alice said:

    Yeah. It’s Christmas, I can’t sleep, I was stalking Fred Weller and here I am.

    Bones: When they have sex, the show is going to die. Seriously, it thrives on their sexual tension. I’ll admit I won’t be completely happy they finally get it on, more disappointed that the writers gave in.

    Lie to Me: Good show, could do with less of Lightman. Which completely defeats the purpose, but he’s like House plus Winston Churchill. Doesn’t television understand that you can have a quality show without a character who acts like a jackass half the time? And why is it written off like he’s attractive? My pupils sure as hell don’t dilate whenever I see him. Ugh. Liking the show though. There’s my commentary to break through the crickets.

    Fred Weller/In Plain Sight: I just got done watching whatever IPS they had on Hulu literally about three minutes ago, so my Fred craze is peaked. Thank god I’ve found someone else who agrees on my opinion of Weller. I’ve heard things from, ‘he’s dumb’ to ‘his voice makes me want to burn my house.” I love him, I really do. I love Marshall no matter what anyone says and thank god for that character. He is necessary, all of the reality television and housewife loving vultures can suck one.

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