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rocky mountain oysters

had ’em today, deep-fried. they reminded me of clam strips, but more testicle-like.

fort collins also introduced me to my first honky tonk bar. or at least i think it’s a honky tonk bar, but i can’t really know for sure since i’ve never actually been to one. it was like scorekeepers in ann arbor, except with country music and cowboy hats and giant belt buckles and line dancing. and not just bad wedding shuffles to 70’s-era stevie wonder, but lots of different complicated line dances. and separate ones for different songs. and the menfolk dance too. it was nothing short of a revelation. besides for the white/asian thing and likely conservatism, these are totally my people.

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  1. jina said:

    that graphic is fairly disturbing.

  2. Jessica said:

    the next time you’re in new york city, go to the patriot bar downtown on chambers. true honky tonk, right in the middle of the city. i love it there. every hour, the bartenders (all young women in short frilly skirts) get up on the bar and dance to dolly parton.

  3. Renata said:

    Love this song. The arrangement, a lircys, a story, a behind as well as onward fills in between a pedal as well as a electric guitar have been impossibly great! This is a single of my favorite´╗┐ nation songs of all time. we have proably listened to 100,000 songs. This a single is Sublime as well as indeed a clarification of a ideally singular American song. we will see this rope inside of a subsequent year! Hope you’all similar to to party. John

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  12. erection said:

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  13. Jamesintig said:

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  15. Shannon Barillaro said:

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