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how do you say ‘chipotle?’

the original.

i was in the chipotle motherland (denver) this week, and took pics of the original. this is interesting to my friday burrito work peeps, so others, please don’t make fun.

more importantly, while in colorado, i kept running into people pronouncing “chipotle” as “chee-pole-TEE.” at least a half dozen people. in fact, it was always said like this. what the hell?

wikipedia tells me that chipotle, as in the flavor, should be pronounced “chee-POTE-lay.” the “T” is obviously before the “L.” why would you ever think to reverse it when saying it? this has been labeled a colorado pronounciation FAIL. this is particularly bad b/c there is a large mexican/hispanic population in the state. ask for a little help, white people. not that hard.

4 Responses to “ how do you say ‘chipotle?’ ”

  1. allen said:

    It’s not just in Colorado. Minnesotans tend to say chih-pole-tee. At least Colorado gets the “chee” right.

    Minnesota is home of other bad pronunciations, though these could just as easily be found elsewhere in the US: Hennepin (should have a nasal n at the end, but is pronounced like hen-uh-pin), Nicollet (should be pronounced nee-koh-lay, but is pronounced nickel-lit). And MANY people use the word “borrow” to mean “lend,” as in “I borrowed my friend $50.”

    Don’t get me started on the abomination known as “duck, duck, GREY DUCK.”

  2. mcwillus said:

    Yeah, Brett Favre thinks that’s messed up.

  3. Russell Heimlich said:

    Wow, the first Chee-pole-TEE that started them on. You have truly been blessed by the burrito gods.

  4. Tom said:

    My brother-in-law pronounces it “chih-POLE-tay”

    At least he gets that last vowel phoneme right… but the fact that the rest of it is a trainwreck makes me cringe.

    He also says, “To each their own.”

    Since “each” is singular, it should be paired with a singular possessive pronoun: “his” or “her”.

    Thus the old saying, “To each his own.”

    Thanks for allowing me to vent!

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