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dean winters is in everything

SPOILER ALERT if you watch obscure tv.

most people do not know who dean winters is, but that’s because most people have no taste and watch bad tv. yet dean winters has appeared in three great/pretty good shows i watch — all in the past week. WEIRD. even weirder, dean winters has died of gunshot wounds on two of those shows. lastly, i would just like to point out dean winters’s range:

terminator: sarah connor’s righteous and adorable ex-bf. shot in the chest trying to protect john connor.
life on mars: main character’s deadbeat dad. shot in the chest trying to kill the main character, who happens to be his son from the future (work with me here, people).
30 rock: liz lemon’s self-diagnosed sexaholic ex-boyfriend. does not die. yet? just kidding, i don’t know any spoilers for 30 rock.

all this is to point out i watch a lot of television. and i love dean winters.

15 Responses to “ dean winters is in everything ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    he was also in rescue me. played a cop. guess how he went out…

  2. alison said:

    i’m surprised how well-received this dean winters post has been.

    related to dean winters, i much watch oz, since it seems right up my alley. any oz fans out there?

  3. jina said:

    oz is pretty good, actually. dean winters is mysteriously hot, too.

  4. alison said:

    i think so, too. even with the receding hairline.

  5. alison said:

    boyish good looks, but with a dark side.

  6. jina said:


  7. stacy said:

    He was also Carrie’s booty call on an episode of Sex and the City. Now that I think of it he was in P.S. I Love You, too. Not a big part, but it counts.

  8. jina said:

    woah, how’d i totally forget about carrie’s booty call.

  9. Dede said:

    These idiot ads are extremely aninynog!, and Dean Winters blows! You people must be the most insipid fools to like these ads. Either that, or you’re being paid to post positive comments on these most idiot inciting advertisements! They seem to be created by a team of high school dropouts. Very juvenile

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